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Leeza Gibbons - How Lifeline Helped Save My Father's Life

Video Transcript

Leeza Gibbons: I'm Leeza Gibbons with some powerful information about how Philips Lifeline medical alert system saved my father’s life.

Daddy is invincible. That’s how we want to think about our parents. Knowing that Dad lives alone, we worry. That’s why it was so hard for all of us when he had his heart attack.

Carlos: The heart attack hit me, I fell to the floor, of course in excruciating pain. I’m alive today because of Philips Lifeline.

Leeza Gibbons: I’m so grateful that Dad had his Philips Lifeline. 

Announcer: Philips Lifeline is the number one medical alert service in the U.S. today. You get fast, easy access to help any time.

Dr. Joey Evans: Anyone over 65 with a medical condition that inhibits mobility, particularly if they live alone, needs a Philips Lifeline.

Announcer: Philips Lifeline has been recommended by more than 200,000 healthcare professionals and served more than 7 million seniors.

Leeza Gibbons: There is so much at stake. To find out more, call or go online now.

Announcer: Innovation and you. Philips Lifeline.

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