Our Call Center Provides Constant Support

When you choose Philips Lifeline, you get our centralized response center, offering support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to over 650,000 subscribers – far more than any other medical alert service provider. Our attention to quality at all levels sets our people, processes, and technology apart from the rest.

When you need help, a capable, caring personal response associate is only seconds away. The call center answers whenever you push your alert button. Or if you have a Lifeline with AutoAlert, when a fall is detected our associates calmly dispatch first responders or call your emergency contact based on the circumstance.

Quick and reliable

Philips Lifeline response associates, based in call centers in the U.S. and Canada, are available around the clock. The average wait time is just 22 seconds, so you can feel confident you’ll connect with a live person right away if an emergency arises. Our call center technology is designed solely to serve our subscribers and ensures fast connections every time.

We have backup systems in place to make sure the call center is always running. If one location has a technical issue, the other is fully capable of nationwide coverage. Also, our call center is equipped to stay totally functional in the case of a major power outage or unforeseen disaster. Our call center prides itself on 99.999% infrastructure availability.

Experienced and caring

People are our greatest asset: They provide frontline support whenever you need it. Each response associate gets 80 hours of intensive training in gerontology and stress management, plus hands-on experience to make sure you receive superior service.

We provide intervention strategies and care coordination for clients in-home and in post acute care settings.

Attention to quality service is ongoing. We monitor associates’ calls once a month, and then follow up with up with one-on-one coaching sessions or refresher training on specific topics.

With an average 18,000 incoming calls per day, our over 200 associates are practiced in all types of situations. And their dedication to your wellbeing shows: The average length of service for a personal response associate is seven years, with some associates having been part of the Lifeline family for more than 25 years.

Personalized response

Your call is automatically routed to someone whose skills match your needs. For example, many associates speak Spanish, and we can quickly access over 140 foreign languages via our interpreter service.

With your safety as our goal, every call is handled with our “closed-loop” process. When you call, a response associate quickly accesses your personal profile, assesses the situation, identifies your location, and contacts help. If you or your responder don’t confirm help has arrived within 30 minutes, the associate calls you back to make sure you received the help you need.

At Philips Lifeline, we’re passionately committed to  helping seniors live safer,  more independent lives, and  our 24/7/365 support enables 
just that.