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The Philips Lifeline Response Center

When you or a loved one is alone and needs help, you want fast assistance from someone who cares. Every one of our products provides direct access to the Philips Lifeline Response Center, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Philips Lifeline Emergency Response Center Associate

Our Trained Care Specialists are just seconds away. Our Response Center, which supports multiple languages, answers whenever the personal alert button is pressed. Lifeline systems with automatic fall detection enable Trained Care Specialists to call out if they receive a fall detected alert, whether the button is pressed or not.1 If we cannot make verbal contact after a fall alert signal is sent by the Lifeline system, we may call emergency services.

Why trust Philips Lifeline?

12 Second Average Answer Time

Trained Care Specialists are based in U.S. and Canada Response Centers that solely serve our subscribers.  With an average answer time of 12 seconds, you can feel confident about connecting with a live person quickly.

Privacy Protection

All Trained Care Specialists are trained on HIPAA compliance to ensure that your personal and health information is protected and secure.  Our Response Center protocols enforce HIPPA compliance.

Backup Systems

Response Centers and Trained Care Specialists are equipped to stay operational and available during power outages or unforeseen disasters.  If one location endures an outage, another location is prepared.

Committed to Helping Seniors Live Safely

At Philips Lifeline, we are passionately committed to helping seniors live safer, more independent lives – easing the stress and worry for family members and caregivers.

Experienced, Caring, & Trustworthy

Our 200–person team of Trained Care Specialists respond calmly and thoughtfully to an average 18,000 incoming calls per day.

We carefully recruit and thoroughly train our Response Center teams. Every Trained Care Specialist recieves 80 hours of intensive instruction in gerontology and stress management, plus hands–on experience to make sure they deliver superior support and service in any situation. The average length of service for a Trained Care Specialist is seven years, and some associates have been a part of the Lifeline family for more than 25 years.

Experience & Care from Philips Lifeline

Our commitment to quality service does not end with training. We monitor Trained Cares Specialists’ calls once every month and follow–up with one-on-one coaching sessions or refresher training on specific topics as needed. Our attention to service excellence is why we are the number–one provider with the largest customer base4.

Our combination of training and experience means our Trained Care Specialists are ready and able to help you or your loved one get the right help fast.


Personalized Response from Philips Lifeline

Personalized Care Plan

We further personalize your service by accessing your personal profile as soon as we receive your call. Your Trained Care Specialist assesses your situation, identifies your location and contacts the help you want – from emergency services or from a list of responders you provide. If you or your responder do not confirm that help has arrived within 30 minutes, we call you back to check on you.

Support for Over 140 Languages

Calls to the Response Center are automatically routed to someone whose skills match your needs. Many Trained Care Specialists speak Spanish and they can quickly access over 140 foreign languages via our interpreter service.

Choose the Right Solution for You

Our team of Sales Consultants are ready and available to help you find the right Lifeline solution for your family.

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