Medical Alert Systems
Medical Alert Systems

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Help seniors stay safe, healthy and connected with Lifeline Solutions, like the predictive analytics engine CareSage, which helps reduce avoidable admissions and ER visits.

Why Lifeline is the #1 solution for healthcare and business organizations

Our new report reveals chronic conditions may increase fall risk up to 54%. See all our fall risk resources here.

We genuinely care about your success in helping and enabling seniors to maintain their independence. That’s why we originally invented Lifeline over 40 years ago – and why we are the preferred partner of over 2,500 organizations. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to industry-leading products, support and services, benefiting seniors in your community as well as your entire organization.

Greater independence for seniors
More and more seniors want to stay in their homes and are not willing to give up their active lifestyles. With the proven and widely adopted Lifeline featuring AutoAlert, you can help them stay right where they want be in life.
Fewer hospital readmissions and costs

Almost half of admitted patients are seniors, and about 20% of them readmit within two weeks of discharge. Lifeline ensures that care continues from hospital to home and works in everyone’s best interest in order to reduce readmissions and the associated medical costs.

Better patient outcomes and care
With ingenious integrated software and reliable medical alert devices, Lifeline can help you manage patient risks and ensure that seniors have immediate access to help at all times. 
Dedicated business support
From insight into seniors to customizable marketing materials to referral services, we offer you all the tools you need to support and grow your program. This is all backed by the undeniable expertise of the Philips brand.

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Whatever your business, we have the right senior monitoring solution to meet your specific needs.

Healthcare Partners

Ensure seniors get the quality care they need from hospital to home
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Senior Living Communities

Keep residents safe, healthy and free to go about your community.
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Patient Referrers

Enjoy more patient compliance with easy and effective case referrals.
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Government & Payer Agencies

Keep residents safe, healthy and free to go about your community.
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