Medical Alert Systems
Medical Alert Systems

About Philips Lifeline

The most adopted medical alert service in the U.S.

Philips Lifeline gives seniors the always-on support they need to live healthy, independent lives. And it gives you the opportunity to ensure their immediate access to care if and when falls occur – all at the lowest cost.

Why partner with Philips Lifeline?

Did you know that falls among seniors result in over 34 billion dollars a year in direct medical costs? One in three people aged 65 and older fall each year, and nearly half of them cannot get back up on their own. This is where partnering with Philips Lifeline can make a world of difference in ensuring that more people stay safe, healthy and connected.

Having served over 7.5 million subscribers, Philips Lifeline is the only medical alert service that is FDA approved, and it continues to lead the industry with meaningful innovations like AutoAlert fall detection technology. Backed by the expertise of Philips, it aims to improve quality of life for seniors and their families, as well as your relationship with them.

For you, this means giving seniors the independence they crave, while improving care, minimizing medical-related costs and reducing readmissions. It’s a win-win for seniors and for businesses.

Over 40 years of expertise

In 1974, a noted psychologist and gerontologist named Dr.Andrew S. Dibner founded Lifeline Systems. It answered a question he had often wondered: “What would an elderly person do if he or she were alone and needed help?”

In its early years, Lifeline Systems was offered primarily through hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and then it began to offer its services directly to individuals and healthcare professionals. In 2006, Philips acquired Lifeline Systems, changing the name to Philips Lifeline, and adding it to its already diverse suite of home healthcare solutions.

Today, Philips Lifeline remains the #1 medical alert service provider in the United States. It is headquartered at 111 Lawrence Street in Framingham, Massachusetts.


Philips Lifeline in numbers

250,000 professionals recommend Philips Lifeline

2,500 business partners

9 million calls a year

7.5 million subscribers

2 monitoring facilities nationwide

1 intervention every minute

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