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We work with Healthcare Partners, Senior Living Communities, Patient Referrers, and Government & Payer Agencies to keep residents safe, healthy, and independent.

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For over 40 years, Philips Lifeline has saved more lives than any other medical alert provider. As the founder of the medical alert industry, we know that technology alone is not enough, and innovation can only come from experience, research and investment. This forward thinking is what makes us the #1 choice for all of our partners. It’s what enables us to meet your unique needs – and our shared goal to help seniors everywhere embrace each day with confidence.


Healthcare Partners

Ensure seniors get the quality care they need from hospital to home
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Senior Living Communities

Keep residents safe, healthy and free to go about your community.
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Patient Referrers

Enjoy more patient compliance with easy and effective case referrals.
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Government & Payer Agencies

Keep residents safe, healthy and free to go about your community.
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Discover how our solutions enable you to increase the safety and wellness of seniors in your care.

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