Why Healthcare Professionals Should Recommend Philips Medical Alert Services

Video Transcript

Leeza Gibbons: I’ve got to tell you, Pops, I didn’t know if we would ever be sitting here talking about what happened.

Carlos Gibbons:  I couldn’t imagine either. I wouldn’t have made it at all had I not had a Lifeline, because I think I would have probably died before I got to the hospital.

Dr. Joseph Evans: This is a Phillips Lifeline.  A device like this saved Carlos’ life.

Having been Carlos Gibbons’ physician for over 20 years and his friend, I am delighted that he has a Philips Lifeline.

Carlos had a heart attack, fell to the ground, could not make it to the phone, pushed the button. The ambulance arrived within five minutes, and now Carlos is at home probably fishing and having the time of his life.

Consider that over 13 million patients over 65 will fall over the coming year. Half of those may not be able to get up on their own. This will result in over 20,000 deaths and over 2.5 million visits to the emergency room.  Chronic conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes make it far more likely to fall. It’s very clear that the longer a patient stays on the ground, the worse the outcome. 

Philips changes all of that. The Lifeline monitor gets help in seconds and minutes, and it can save many, many, many lives.

Physicians need to be better at trying to disseminate these devices and we need to talk to our patients about it.

We prescribe many other new medications that cost thousands of dollars.  Do they help patients’ quality of life?  No, they don’t.  How about if we had a medicine that would help them stay in their home for an extra year, an extra month? 

What if that same medicine gave their caretakers and their family the peace of mind that their loved one is at home safe, and if they’re not safe, they’re going to know about it very quickly.  How about that kind of medicine?

The copay for some of the medicines that we prescribe is way more than this per month. 

Leeza:  The doctors have told us that in a case like yours, in any emergency moments matter, minutes matter.  And the sooner you can intervene, the better the outcome.  So this is a pretty good outcome, Pops.

Carlos:  Oh listen, I am so thankful to so many for so much.  I really am. 

Dr. Evans:  If you can get Carlos to wear a Lifeline, we can get anybody to wear a Lifeline.

In my opinion, anyone over 65 with a medical condition that inhibits their mobility, particularly if they live alone, needs a Phillips Lifeline.

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