Give seniors more peace of mind at home or on the go. GoSafe medical alert system offers them 24/7/365 emergency assistance and includes AutoAlert, the most proven fall detection technology in the country.

A fast response cycle
Help in three easy steps
A fast response cycle

Help signaled

The seniors you serve will be connected to Lifeline’s Response Center when they push their Lifeline help button. If they have AutoAlert, it will automatically call for help if it detects a fall.

A reassuring voice

A caring Lifeline Response Associate will quickly accessthe senior’s personal profile, assess the situation, and identify the location through the in-home Communicator or GoSafe pendant.

Assistance on the way

The Lifeline Response Associate will contact the preferred form of help – a neighbor, family member, or emergency services – and will follow up to confirm that help arrives.

For every fall, time is of the essence.

That’s why AutoAlert is the most proven fall detection technology in the U.S. today. It detects greater than 95% of falls—and alerts Lifeline automatically in case seniors are unable to push their button. Every second it saves could be a lifesaver.

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