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As a healthcare professional, you can be in charge of upwards of 1,000 patients. Because every patient is different, you need to find and refer the solution that works best for them. Philips Lifeline makes that easy.

AutoAlert: The best defense

Learn how Philips Lifeline's AutoAlert, our advanced fall detection technology, detects more than 95% of falls to improve patient case scenarios across the board.

The truth about falls

Did you know that one out of three people aged 65 or older falls each year and many experience lacerations, bone fractures, or head trauma as a result. Without immediate help, these elderly individuals may also suffer from prolonged or irreversible side effects. But simply giving them a brochure or documentation won’t change the stats. Referrals need to be made in real time to make a difference.

How Philips Lifeline can help

There’s a reason why over 200,000 hospitals and healthcare professionals recommend Philips Lifeline. It empowers your patients to feel safe, confident and independent at home or on the go. Being able to offer the most innovative products is crucial to strengthening your relationships and growing your program. And by referring patients directly to Philips Lifeline solutions, you raise the chances of them acting on your recommendation. We make effective referrals easy, so you can help keep patients safe and healthy.

Response generating services

Working with Philips Lifeline helps you make referrals, generate sales and leads, and guide seniors to safe independence.

Referral options

Refer patients quickly and easily through your choice of channels:

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Fax – Download our referral form, complete the required fields and fax it to 1-866-211-6693.

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Providing the right information

Providing the right information

As a nurse, I know the repercussions of long lie times on the ground,and I educate my patients with that information. Getting a senior help quickly, especially if they can’t push their button, is critical to an improved outcome, quicker recovery and in helping them remain independent.

- Registered Nurse, New York

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