spencer® enterprise-grade medication dispenser

The new spencer in-home medication dispenser helps payers and providers control risks and costs by managing the medication dispensing adherence of their high-acquity, chronic disease patients.

The spencer in-home medication dispenser is offered through Philips Medication Adherence Solutions (PMAS). Designed to be easy for patients to use, its cloud-based data collection and reporting functions connect digitally across multiple platforms to allow healthcare organizations, pharmacists, and caregivers to stay connected to patients. This advanced, in-home medication dispenser provides:

  • Audible and visual reminders to patients to dispense medication at pre-scheduled times
  • Cellular or Wifi connectivity for remote data connection and monitoring
  • Notification alerts for pharmacists, clinicians and caregivers of missed doses so that patient care can be appropriately coordinated
  • Medication refills delivered to patients' homes from specialty pharmacies
  • Easy-to-load medication refills to allow patients to load spencer themselves
  • spencerCare professional portal to facilitate connected care among pharmacists and clinical staff
  • spencerAssist app to allow caregivers and families to monitor patients’ medication dispenser adherence and intervene as needed
  • Trend reporting to payers and healthcare facilities of medication dispensing adherence history, giving line-of-sight to at-risk patients

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* The spencer registered trademark is owned by HAP Innovations.