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Time matters in any medical emergency Having Philips Lifeline with automatic fall detection can make the difference
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Philips Lifeline invented the medical alert industry more than 40 years ago. We offer you AutoAlert, the most widely adopted and proven fall-detection technology in the U.S. today! And now GoSafe, our most advanced mobile medical alert service, provides you access to help both in the home and outside the home.1
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Choose the right solution for you At Philips Lifeline, we are committed to providing you with products and services that help you maintain your lifestyle and independence. The new technology and advanced product features in our solutions help people live safer, healthier, and more connected lives.
HomeSafe Standard Our standard service delivers peace of mind at home, at an exceptional value. HomeSafe Standard Our standard medical alert service gives you the confidence to continue moving about your home with the reassurance of having quick access to help with the push of a button.
Learn more *Wireless option also available.
HomeSafe with AutoAlert Having automatic fall detection can make the difference.
HomeSafe with AutoAlert This proven medical alert service with AutoAlert fall detection can automatically call for help if it detects a fall — even if you can’t push the button yourself.3
Learn more *Wireless option also available.
Medication dispensing A simple way to manage your medications — lessen your chances of falling or hospitalization. Medication Dispensing Our automated medication dispensing service is a simple way to help manage even the most complex medication regimens. So those who live alone can stay on track.
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What our customers are saying
“Mom fell in her dining room on hardwood floors. She was unable to get herself up, and she was in a great deal of pain. Immediately she was contacted by your service. She was able to request that you call her son who lives next door. Without service, Mom would’ve laid on the floor for at least two hours as we were not due until about noon. Lifeline was a blessing.” —Maria B.
“My family suggested I look into a Lifeline as I live alone. I was spending my summer months in Maine. One day I walked across the street to get a few groceries. I fell backwards and landed on the gravel driveway, cutting my head, and was knocked unconscious. My Lifeline went off as I did not answer, so Philips sent an ambulance right away and they took me to the hospital.” — Richard S.
“Earlier this year, Dad had a heart attack. He fell to the ground in pain when coming out of the bathroom and tried to crawl to bed. Emergency help was notified and assistance arrived right away. We recently upgraded Dad to GoSafe, so he now has AutoAlert fall detection and on-the-go protection. That way, if Lifeline were to detect a fall, help would automatically be notified.” — Leeza G.
  • 1With GoSafe, coverage outside the home is provided where AT&T wireless network coverage is available.
  • 2Philips Lifeline wireless communicators connect to the Philips Lifeline Response Center using the AT&T wireless network.
  • 3AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help. Button signal range may vary due to differing environmental factors.