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Philips Cares for Senior Living

Cloud-Based Senior Living Resident Safety and
Community Management System

Providing a revolutionary new level of resident care

By leveraging next-generation technology, the Philips Cares for Senior Living resident safety system gives senior living operators enhanced visibility into their communities and a sophisticated set of tools to help increase staff efficiency, mitigate risk and deliver better overall resident care.

Philips Cares for Senior Living

A flexible platform, built to expand

At its core, the Philips Cares for Senior Living cloud-based platform is designed to accept and integrate a variety of senior living hardware old and new: Classic e-call devices along with next generation wearables, with data from both integrating into a seamless cloud-based experience. Unifying traditional and modern systems means that senior living communities can continue deploying legacy devices they’re already familiar with, while having an easy roadmap to onboarding state-of-the-art devices and experiences on the same platform.

The Philips Cares for Senior Living system is now available in two options: Essential and Advanced.

Essential is a stepping point into a modern, cloud-based system, but with a traditional set of e-call devices. Operators simply add to their infrastructure at their own pace, all while having a cloud-based foundation in place to make the journey seamless.

The Advanced option gives operators access to a richer data set with a real-time location system that enables a host of analytic and reporting features to gain deep insights into their community operations.

Take a closer look at Essential

User-friendly dashboard is fully web-based and easily accessed through desktop or mobile devices. Operators can log in and remotely monitor their community from virtually anywhere.

Automated reporting of activity trends, incidents and notifications enables operators to easily compare analytics across communities or within an organization.

Help requests and automatic fall alert1 notifications are processed and communicated to staff on mobile devices with contextual information, improving their workflow efficiency.

Electronic Health Records integration automatically synchronizes resident profiles with PointClickCare during admission and discharge.

Community mapping feature provides a comprehensive view of your traditional e-call devices throughout the community, helping to enable greater location visualization for alert response.

Cloud-based platform with software that is easily updated, allowing for continuous feature enhancements and hardware expansion to help future-proof your community.

Backup paging server provides an on-premise fail-over system in the event of an emergency.

Integration of legacy devices, such as pull cords and universal transmitters, offers the benefits of a modern system without the expense of a community-wide device upgrade.

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Take a closer look at Advanced

Unparalleled visibility with tools like Auto-Witness and Breadcrumb Trails, which use location-based analytics and historical playback to investigate alerts and incidents.

Real-time location2 allows you to see where residents and staff are at any time and create geofence wander management boundaries for individual residents and groups.

Electronic Health Records integration automatically synchronizes resident profiles with PointClickCare during admission and discharge.

A flexible, cloud-based platform with applications that run on virtually any device and software that can be easily updated, allowing for continuous enhancements to future-proof your community.

Infection control tools can help to track, trace, and prevent community outbreaks to keep residents and caregivers healthy.

Wrist-based wearables enable residents to signal for help and advanced algorithms automatically detect falls. Alert notifications are sent to staff with real-time, contextual information.

Third-party integrations further expand the capabilities of the platform to devices such as door locks and access control systems.

Philips Cares for Senior Living - Software Products

Community Dashboard

Community Dashboard
Provides community operators a clear view of resident activity with 24/7 real-time security and safety monitoring.

Advanced analytics for trends and reports
Real-time location2 on maps of the community
User-friendly interface
Event profiles and reports
Staff are notified about resident events through a 'digital bulletin board'
Administrators can communicate with mobile staff from their computers
Alert integration to both Android and iOS devices

Philips Cares for Senior Living - Hardware Products

Wearable Bands

BlueBand Wearables3
Comfortable wearable bands can offer independence through:

Advanced automatic fall detection1
Sophisticated deep-learning algorithms
Notifications and alerts directly to care staff
"Help me" button
Determines Real time location
Activity monitoring

BlueHub Receiver

BlueHub Receiver
Wireless devices that work with Philips BlueBand wearables to send data to the cloud platform, providing:

High-accuracy location
Wireless connectivity to many devices
Freedom of movement
Integration with existing WiFi

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1 Philips Cares for Senior Living technology does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.

2 Location accuracy may vary depending on network connection and other factors.

3 Only available with the Philips Cares for Senior Living – Advanced system.