Don't Be Stubborn About Being Safe - Rely on Philips Lifeline

Video Transcript

Leeza Gibbons: Hi, I’m Leeza Gibbons, and this is a true personal story.

I feel like, Pops, this day is really a gift where we get to talk about the time you almost didn’t make it instead of me telling someone else about that awful night when my Dad had a heart attack that was fatal.

Carlos Gibbons: It really is a gift, because I — at one time I didn’t think I was going to make it.

Leeza: The night this whole saga began, it started with an unexpected drop to the floor.

Carlos: I knew I was having a heart attack when I walked out of the bathroom and I felt like a Mac truck had run over my chest, and I fell to the floor and I was in excruciating pain.

It was amazing to me how soon the emergency vehicles got here. It was less than five minutes, and only because I had Philips Lifeline and I pushed the button and they responded immediately.

Dr. Joseph Evans: Having been Carlos Gibbons’ physician for over 20 years, and his friend, I am delighted that he has a Philips Lifeline.

It’s very clear that the longer a patient stays on the ground the worse the outcome.

Philips changes all of that. The Lifeline monitor gets help in minutes, and it can save many, many, many lives.

Carlos: About four years ago I had, I guess, a mild heart attack. Luckily it wasn’t enough to take me out.

I think all my children got together and decided that Dad needs something to give him some assurance should he have any further complications.

Leeza: He’s like, “I’m fine.” You know, “nothing’s ever going to happen to me. I don’t need any kind of a monitoring device. I don’t need a medical alert system. “ He didn’t want to see vulnerable. He didn’t want to seem old. Who wants that? Right. We insisted.

Carlos: So I’ve been wearing Philips Lifeline for about the last three years. And luckily I had it on June the third of this year when my major heart attack struck.

The Philips Lifeline has given me my normal life back. I can ah, work in my garden. I can fish. I can do shrubbery. I can visit neighbors. I can go to the post office or the grocery store.

Leeza: How cool is it that technology has advanced and that Phillips has found a way to incorporate into the Lifeline this fall detection.1 So if you can’t call for help, if you’re unconscious or if you’re disoriented it senses that you need help and it will, it will find where you are.3 That’s amazing.

Carlos: Yes, I agree.

Leeza: What would you say to people who have been where you’ve been, thinking, “I don’t need anything. I don’t want to go to that trouble. I don’t want to look old”?

Carlos: I would say to everyone that you should not wait. You should go ahead and get a Phillips lifeline. You’ve got to be prepared.

Leeza: The fact that you’re here and can hold my hand and can talk to me about what was and what is.

Carlos: You’re going to make me cry now.

Leeza: I love you, Pops. 

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