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Philips Cares

Let us introduce you to Philips Cares. Philips Cares makes it easy for families to be there for each other without always having to be physically present. Keeping people independent and feeling protected is our top priority.

Be there, even when you can't be together

how it works

Philips Cares is the hub for sharing information amongst family and friends. We call it a care circle because you can fill it with people who care about your well-being. You and your care circle can easily share notes and updates about how you’re doing. So when life makes it challenging to be physically together, you can all stay on the same page.

Easily form and activate your care circle of family and friends

Get meaningful insights and notifications about care

Manage your Lifeline service when and how you want

Care at your fingertips

With easy access through your computer or mobile phone, Philips Cares puts important information at your fingertips.

 If you or your loved one already has a Lifeline medical alert system, simply download the app or visit the web URL and follow the prompts to connect it to your Lifeline account. You’ll need the email address you provided when you ordered Philips Lifeline.

Google Play Store

Apple Store

You can also click here to set up Philips Cares on your web browser



Care at your fingertips

A closer look at digital caring with Philips Cares

Philips Cares helps caregivers engage and collaborate with family and friends to manage their loved one's care.

Manage your account

Manage account information online, including changing payment information or viewing bills.

Share Notes

You and your care circle can create, read, and interact with notes and useful content from the Philips Cares app home screen.

View device status

View the status of your Philips Lifeline service and receive notifications if any maintenance action is needed.

Manage your availability

Manage your availability to respond with real-time access to a loved one's personalized care plan.

Philips Cares App in Action

See Philips Cares in action

Philips Cares gives you access to comprehensive mobile tools that help you stay in touch with family and friends. You can check in with them. They can check in with you. It puts caring in the palm of your hand.

Getting started with Philips Cares

Getting started with Philips Cares

Philips Cares is enabled by our Lifeline medical alert service. If you are not yet a customer, click below to learn about the different service options we have available. With different options to choose from, there is a Lifeline system that's right for you and your family.


Get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of care professionals is ready and available to help you find the right solution for your family.

I am a Lifeline customer but the Philips Cares app does not find my information.

To find your care circle and start using Philips Cares, you will need to provide the same first name, last name, email address and phone number you provided when you ordered the Lifeline service or when you last updated your information.

If your information has changed or you did not provide an email previously, please email us at PhilipsCaresSupport@philips.com or call us toll free at 1-888-767-5586 so that we can update your information.

I have created a Philips Cares login but I can’t log into the app – help?

When you use certain email domains, it is possible that you encounter some issues in creating a login. If you have received a registration email and have verified and activated your email but you still can’t login into Philips Cares, please email us at PhilipsCaresSupport@philips.com or call us toll free at 1-888-767-5586 so that we can solve this problem.

Can I join more than one care circle?

Yes. If you already care for more than one person when you first log into Philips Cares, the app will help you join all your care circles. Over time, simply ask to join another care circle or accept an invitation to a new care circle.

I can’t see my device(s) in the Device tab – help?

Certain older models of Lifeline device(s) are not supported in the current release of the app. If you can’t see your device, please email us at PhilipsCaresSupport@philips.com so we can confirm the nature of the issue and keep you informed of future releases that address this issue.

Can I use the app offline?

No, you will need to connect to the internet to be able to use the app.

What is the difference between an account administrator and other users in the app?

An account administrator is any person authorized to create, access and make changes to (1) the Care Recipient’s personal and health information, (2) their caregivers and roles, and (3) the Philips Lifeline service account.

Who can see and edit the payment information?

Only the person paying for the service can see and edit the payment information. Please note that at this time, you cannot process payments via Philips Cares.

How do I reset my password?

Go to “Log in” > “Forgot password?” and fill in the email address you usually use to log into the app. You will receive an email to reset your password. If you encounter any issue, please contact Support at PhilipsCaresSupport@philips.com or call us toll free at 1-888-767-5586.


What devices and browsers can I use the app on?

You can use the mobile app on most Apple and Android smartphones. The web application can be used on most browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari. If you encounter issues on your device or browser please email us at PhilipsCaresSupport@philips.com or contact us by phone at 1-888-767-5586 for support. 

How can I change my email address?

Your email address is associated with your login credentials. You can change your email address by emailing us at PhilipsCaresSupport@philips.com or calling us at 1-888-767-5586. In this case, you will need to create new Philips Cares login credentials to the app.

The app closed or crashed, how do I fix it?

If your app closes or crashes, try the following options one at a time, until the problem is fixed:

  1. Close and restart the Philips Cares app
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of the app installed
  3. Restart your phone

As a last option, you can remove and reinstall the app. By reinstalling the app, you won't lose any data that has been already synced.

I still can’t solve my problem or have different question.

If this is the case, please email us at PhilipsCaresSupport@philips.com or contact us by phone at 1-888-767-5586 for support.

We're here to help you be there

Our team of Customer Support Specialists are ready and available to help you get started with Philips Cares.

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For All Massachusetts and New York Customers:

For our customers who live in MA or NY, a new Resource feature has been added*. From your newsfeed, you can navigate to find resources in your area that can help you access food services, local transportation support, medication guidance, and more general wellbeing resources. Log in to Philips Cares today to check out this new feature.

If you haven’t created your Philips Cares account, it’s easy to do-so. Download the Philips Cares app from your preferred app store and set up your account using the email address your provided when you signed up for the Philips Lifeline service. Call 1-888-767-5586 if you have trouble accessing Philips Cares.

* By providing links to these resource websites Philips Cares does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on the websites. Philips Cares in only available to certain current Philips Lifeline customers.