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Lifeline personal alert systems for seniors

At the heart of all of our services is a discreet personal alert button available in a pendant or wristband that connects you to the Philips Lifeline Response Center at any hour of any day of the entire year. Our solutions also enable two-way communication with our carefully trained Response Associates.

Seniors with medical conditions are more likely to fall, and even healthy and active older adults could take a tumble. It’s scary to think about what happens when we fall – and about being so disoriented, immobilized or unconscious that we can’t even call for help. Yet in 30 percent of serious falls, seniors can’t or don’t push the alert button.

Lifeline’s AutoAlert technology can help ease these concerns, detecting falls and calling for help even if you or your loved one can’t.1

Read more about choosing a Philips Lifeline product that meets your lifestyle and health needs.

Consider the following when choosing a personal alert system:

  • Do you or your parent live alone?
  • Do you or your parent primarily stay around the home or live a more active lifestyle with lots of outside activities?
  • Do you or your parent have any chronic medical conditions, like COPD, diabetes or cognitive impairment?
  • Are you worried about falls and not being able to call for help?

Factor in your answers as you evaluate the best solution for you and your family.

Review additional factors you should consider when selecting one of our Lifeline options.

Lifeline products for seniors who stay mostly at home

About one-third of seniors living at home fall at least once a year, and most of these falls happen when an older adult with a physical or medical condition encounters something like stairs, electrical cords — even a ringing phone. Our Lifeline HomeSafe products connect immediately to our Response Center with the push of the personal alert button on a pendant or wristband. HomeSafe with AutoAlert can even contact our Response Center if you’re unconscious or unable to press the button yourself, if it detects a fall.1

Learn more about our in-home solutions:

HomeSafe Standard
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HomeSafe with AutoAlert
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Lifeline products for seniors who are on the go

Designed specifically for active seniors, our Lifeline GoSafe mobile response system combines AutoAlert fall detection technology1 with six location technologies and cellular capabilities to ensure personal independence and safety.3

Learn more about our mobile solutions:

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GoSafe 2
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Not all medical alert systems are created equal. Compare Philips Lifeline to Life Alert, Alert1 and Medical Alert. You'll realize why we are the most trusted provider of medical alert services in the U.S.

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