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Medical Alert Systems

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For those who spend most of their time at home

HomeSafe Standard

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The HomeSafe Standard personal alert button gives you fast access to a highly trained Response Associate, with the simple press of a button. Select from either a pendant style button, or a button on slim, lightweight wristband.

HomeSafe with AutoAlert

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HomeSafe with AutoAlert gives you an added layer of protection. It can automatically send a signal to the Philips Lifeline Response Center if it detects a fall, which is important during a serious emergency.1

Features & Benefits

Not all medical alert systems are created equal. Philips Lifeline's HomeSafe options have important features to keep you safe in ways other personal emergency alert systems don’t.

Fall Detection

Everyone asks, “but what happens if I can’t, or don’t remember to push the button”? That is where AutoAlert comes in. Using three different sensors, if AutoAlert detects a fall it will automatically send a signal to our Response Center, enabling us to get you the help you need.1 (HomeSafe with AutoAlert only)

Uninterrupted Support

The HomeSafe with AutoAlert button requires no charging. Simply wear and go. When the battery strength does get low, a signal will automatically be sent to Philips Lifeline, and we will ship you a replacement button. The button is also water resistant6, so you never have to take it off while at home.

Response Centers

Using your pendant or communicator, get connected to a highly trained Response Associate. Our Response Centers operate around the clock, every day of the year. Someone is always ready to assist you. Our Response Center can also support over 200 languages, so we can assist you better.

Request the help you want

At home, or out during your daily routine, if you need assistance, not only will we send it, but we will send the type of assistance, that you want. Choose help from either a family member, neighbor or an emergency services, depending on your situation.*

* In the case of a fall detected signal with no verbal response from the subscriber on multiple attempts, the Philips Lifeline Response Center may contact EMS for response.

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Monthly cost
As low as
As low as
One-time cost
$50 activation fee
$50 activation fee


At home
At and away from home


Water-resistant help button Pendant or wristband Pendant
AutoAlert fall detection
Location technologies
In home communicator
with two-way voice communication


Landline connection
Wireless connection


24/7 access to help
Month-to-month billing
Personalized response plan

GoSafe Systems

Looking for an option that works both at home and on the go? Check out our GoSafe mobile personal alert systems.

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