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Protect your loved on es with Philip Lifeline's exclusive fall detection technology
Automatic Fall Detection

AutoAlert quickly detects falls and connects to help.

What is AutoAlert fall detection technology?

AutoAlert has been designed to detect falls accurately and connect seniors to help in an instant. We studied tens of thousands of hours of senior movement and activity to understand falls.

AutoAlert is one of the best additions to a medical alert system, and it is the most-proven fall detection technology in the US today1.

Unlike other companies’ fall detection, ours uses three technologies to detect true falls:

How does automatic fall detection work?



These sensors will measure a high acceleration force when a fall occurs.

Barometric sensors

These highly sensitive sensors can detect a very small change in barometric pressure such as one from a standing position to laying on the floor.

A finely tuned algorithm

Our finely tuned algorithm differentiates between true falls and false alarms. It is the most important part of our AutoAlert technology. 

Combined, these three technologies detect 95 percent of many types of falls and trigger fewer false alarms*. 

*Based on the number of undetected falls reported to Lifeline by U.S. AutoAlert subscribers from January 2012 through July 2012. Undetectable falls can include a gradual slide from a seated position – such as from a wheelchair.

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What happens when AutoAlert detects a fall?

When a fall is detected, AutoAlert connects quickly to our Response Center, even if you’re unconscious or unable to move1. The two-way voice communication capability enables you to speak directly with one of our highly trained Lifeline Response Associates. They talk with you, assess the situation, and dispatch the help you need. If the Response Associate is unable to make verbal contact with you, they may default to calling emergency services.

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death from injury for older Americans. In fact, nearly one-third of seniors living at home fall at least once every year, and nearly half of all seniors who fall cannot get up on their own.

Having a fall detection pendant may help save a life

When you or a loved one needs assistance after a fall, every second counts. Even if the fall itself doesn’t cause an injury, lying on the floor for an extended period can lead to serious complications, including:

  • pressure ulcers
  • muscle necrosis
  • dehydration
  • hyperthermia
  • pneumonia

Watch this video to hear how important some healthcare professionals believe having AutoAlert is.

Why is automatic fall detection is important?

  Getting up and getting help quickly are crucial to staying healthy and reducing unnecessary medical costs.

  Maintain independence in your daily routine. Our wearable devices are waterproof, so they can be worn in the bath or shower, where almost 36 percent of home-based fall injuries occur. Read the study here.

  AutoAlert technology also helps provide family members with peace of mind about their loved ones.

  With our On the Go and HomeSafe with AutoAlert systems, you’re never truly alone. And caregivers, we’re there for your loved ones when you can’t be.

AutoAlert is endorsed by leading experts in falls

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