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Philips Lifeline Comparison
The Philips Lifeline Difference

What separates Lifeline from
other medical alert system
service companies.

How is Philips Lifeline different?

Not all medical alert systems, or providers, are the same. Philips Lifeline sets the standard for all other medical alert companies to follow:

All of our systems offer 24/7 fast access to our US & Canada based Response Centers where highly-trained Trained Care Specialists are ready to help in any situation.

Ambulance, fire and police do not need to be dispatched for every press of the button. You create your own action plan. A Lifeline Trained Care Specialist can contact a family member, close friend or neighbor for you. Emergency services will only get contacted at your request or in a true emergency situation*.

We keep your loved ones in the know. Based on your response plan, long-distance family members are notified in the event there is an emergency, after we have assisted you. Provide up to three “Notifies” and we will ensure they stay in the loop should something happen. 

Compare the top life alert systems from Philips Lifeline
Different systems for different needs. Click the tabs below to find the right alert system for you.
HomeSafe Standard system

HomeSafe Standard

This basic button provides access to help any time, day or night, with the simple press of a button. The HomeSafe Standard medical alert system delivers peace-of-mind at home, at an exceptional value.
Worry-free battery
HomeSafe with AutoAlert system

HomeSafe with AutoAlert

The most popular option! All the benefits of the HomeSafe button but with an added layer of protection. Having HomeSafe with AutoAlert means having automatic fall detection. AutoAlert gives you access to help, even when you may not be able to push your button.
  • AutoAlert will call for help if a fall is detected, even if you are unable to press your button
  • The fully staffed response center will dispatch the help you want when you need it
  • AutoAlert has detected over 200,000 falls, more than any other medical alert service
Worry-free battery
Fall detection
GoSafe 2 System

GoSafe 2

For older adults who still maintain an active lifestyle outside of the home, GoSafe 2 features up to six advanced locating technologies; which means we don’t have to rely only on GPS to locate you in an emergency. Plus, it comes standard with AutoAlert – our premiere automatic fall detection technology.
  • GoSafe 2 uses up to six advanced locating technologies, including GPS, to help find you in an emergency
  • The GoSafe 2 system has AutoAlert, proven fall detection in the pendent
  • The pendant offers two-way voice communication, so you can speak directly with a Lifeline Trained Care Specialist
Worry-free battery
Fall detection
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