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Now more than ever checking on a loved one to ensure they are okay is a challenge. You want to make sure they are healthy, and not experiencing any symptoms of a chronic condition. Philips Lifeline is there for you. Find out why we are more than just a medical alert service.

Find out how Philips Cares can help you be there
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A better way to be there with Philips Lifeline

New from Philips: Philips Cares is a personal and digital care experience that helps people give each other the time, attention, and care they need at every stage of the aging journey.

Philips Cares brings together your Lifeline medical alert service with innovative tools designed to surround seniors with the right response, care, and services at the right time. Most importantly, Philips Cares is a way for you to be there for your aging loved one and your family, any time. After all, aging is a journey best navigated together.

Medical alert systems that fit your lifestyle.  With options like fall detection and mobile pendants, there is a solution for every lifestyle.


How it works

24/7 access to Trained Care Specialists who can dispatch the right help for every situation – at the press of a button – from a neighbor, a loved one, or emergency services.

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Digital caring unites your care circle so everyone can communicate easily and coordinate their loved one's care needs.

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How Philips Cares helps you be there

How Philips Cares helps you be there

When you have a Philips Lifeline medical alert system, Philips Cares connects a care circle of family and friends, so you can easily share important information and provide support.  

 Easily form and activate a care circle of family and friends

 Get meaningful insights and notifications about care

 Manage your Philips Lifeline service when and how you want


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Customer Testimonial - Philips Cares

Easier & Convenient

Easier & Convenient

Philips Cares makes interacting with the Lifeline service easier and more convenient. I've already saved more time and know more about what's happening than I have in the past year of being a customer.

- Lifeline Customer

Why more families choose Philips Lifeline

Since 1974, more than 7 million people have counted on Philips for always-on support tailored to their needs. Today, we are redefining what it means to be there at every point in the aging journey.

Philips Lifeline Staff
 A personalized care plan, so you choose who responds to a call for help

 A system that fits every lifestyle, with no long-term contract or cancellation fees

 Tools that connect your circle of family and friends to support caregiving