Philips Cares Beta

The next big solution
in care collaboration
is almost here

Philips Cares makes it easy for families
to be there for each other.

Welcome to a new way of caring for each other

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Philips is redefining what it means to be there, ensuring you have the access to the right care at the right time. New with Philips Cares, you can extend your circle of trusted caregivers, making it easier to share important information between family and friends.

Easily form and activate your care circle of family and friends

Get meaningful insights and notifications about care

Manage your Lifeline service when and how you want

Sometimes love means finding new ways to be there

At Philips, we’re dedicated to helping you find ways to make caregiving easier, so you can focus on the moments that matter most. That’s why our new digital experience provides you with access to important information about your loved one’s wellbeing, making it easier to balance their needs with the demands of everyday life.

A closer look at the Philips Cares app

The Philips Cares app works with your Philips Lifeline service to connect customers with a care circle of family, friends, or neighbors. In one easy-to-access digital space, they can share notes, gain insights into their loved one’s wellbeing, and collaborate on care.

Manage your account

Manage account information online, including changing payment information or viewing bills.


You and your care circle can create, read, and interact with notes and useful content from the Philips Cares app home screen.

Device status

View the status of your Philips Lifeline service and receive notifications if any maintenance action is needed.

Manage your availability

Manage your availability to respond with real-time access to a loved one's personalized care plan.

Philips Cares screenshot