3 Indoor Activities to Enjoy with Your Elderly Parents

When caregivers and those being cared for need a healthy infusion of fun, shared indoor activities can lift everyone’s spirits, and provide an opportunity to spend quality time together, as well. It’s the perfect opportunity be silly, laugh, and let your hair down.

The AARP reminds us to find activities that are meaningful for seniors. They also offer a number of tips for planning activities for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Sharing fun and heartwarming moments are part of the caregiving experience, and each of the indoor activities below provides opportunities for recalling special memories from the past while focusing on fun in the present. Each of the activities spans many genres and areas of interest, so you should be able to find something in each category to spark an interest.

1. Singing and Dancing

APlaceForMom.com suggests dancing, even for the disabled. Be honest. You’ve always wanted to learn ballroom dancing, and it’s a good bet your loved one knows how to do it. Find a big band station, crank up the radio, and let your senior partner guide you through the steps. Alternate with some ’60s music and dance steps, and don’t forget to sing to the tunes. No one’s going to see you or hear you, and this kind of fun guarantees a laugh from your parent as well as from you. If you’re caring for both parents, get them to dance together while you act as the D.J.

2. Crafts

Start by exploring Pinterest together to find a craft that interests your loved one. You may get so involved in following the links that you spend the afternoon exploring crafts on the Internet and choose to work on one later. If your loved ones show a particular interest in a craft, bookmark the page, in case they want to explore it later on their own. Crafts also make perfect three-generation, rainy-day, indoor activities. When you’ve heard, “We’re SO bored,” one time too many from the kids, enlist their help in working on a craft with their grandparents.

3. Cooking

The kitchen is the activity hub in most households. Most people remember coming home to the aroma of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies or bread. Now is the time to nail down some of the old family recipes and to enlist your loved one’s help in making a few of them. K.P. duty is a great way to share some time and take a walk down memory lane together. You can’t go wrong with chocolate — everyone loves chocolate, and you’ll find plenty of chocolate recipes on Food Network.

The trick is finding several indoor activities that engage your senior. Keep working at it until you hit the jackpot because an engaged senior is a happy senior, and a happy senior makes everyone in the household happier.

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