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Fun, Creative Home Decorating Ideas for Winter

Fun, Creative Home Decorating Ideas for Winter

Adding color and fun, personalized accents are just some of the home decorating ideas that can spruce up your space for winter. Many of these home decorating ideas are easily changeable, so you can try out a new color or style without a lot of commitment.

Removable Wall Decals

You can add pops of color or inspirational sayings to your wall with removable decals like this cherry blossom tree from Dalidecals. The reds add warmth to your space and the graphic offers up visions of the warmer months to come. Inspirational quotes like “Believe in what you do and do what you believe in” are also a good addition in winter. You can change out the quotes as you like without repainting or damaging walls.

Colorful Accents

Colors like aqua chiffon (a hot color for 2014, according to House Beautiful) and red are perfect accent colors for throws and pillows. Places like Walgreens let you upload a favorite photo to a pillow — giving you another way to enjoy memories of your kids and grandchildren.

If you’re a sewer, a site like Spoonflower offers home decorating options you can create yourself. You can easily design your own fabric, wall paper, and decals. This is a good way to try out patterns you like but are unsure about using after once winter has passed. If you find you really enjoy these colors and styles after they’ve spent some time on your decorative accents, you can branch out in spring and add them to walls or furniture.

Elements of Nature

Even though it’s winter, you can still bring the outside in. Spray paint twigs white and place them in an oversized jar filled with oranges or berries for a beautiful centerpiece. You can change out the fruit or décor in the vase based on what’s seasonal in your area.

Or, take your holiday wreath and bring it to your dining room table. Add twigs and green apples to give it added texture and a pop of color.

Add a Lamp or Mirror to a Dark Space

Winter is all about short days and long nights. To help brighten your space, hang a mirror where you’d like to reflect something cheerful. Position it across from a colorful picture, display, or chandelier.

Adding a small lamp to a reading nook can help keep your space cozy while offering much-needed light. Lamps are another way to bring in a color temporarily and try it out; think bright blues or metallic shades.

Hang Your Grandchildren’s Artwork

The best home decorating styles include personal items from family members. Artwork done by children is often filled with color and fun imagery, but it doesn’t have to be relegated to the refrigerator. Frame and matte your grandchildren’s artwork to add color to a hallway or living room.

Personalizing your space makes your home feel more comfortable, so experiment to see which trends bring you the most joy. 

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