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Medical Alert Systems Reviews: Beware of Fake Online Reviews

Medical Alert Systems Reviews: Beware of Fake Online Reviews

Many consumers rely on reviews when buying products online. Reviews provide valuable insight into real people’s opinions, which helps potential buyers make informed decisions.

If you’re researching medical alert options for a senior citizen in your life, you should know that not all medical alert review sites can be trusted. You can check a reviewer’s credentials and follow the FDA guidelines for finding accurate information online.

Fake or Misleading “Consumer” Reviews

It’s hard to find any industry or product without fake consumer reviews, and this is no different with medical alert systems reviews. Fake reviews can be found on popular websites such as, or on websites specifically created to provide the illusion of legitimacy. How can you tell if a review is fake? In some cases, the review may not make a lot of sense for the product. In others, the site may show stars that indicate product ratings, but not show what consumers have actually said. Fake reviews, especially negative ones, may also link to other products in an attempt to direct you to those products instead.


When searching for reviews, you also need to beware of scams. Scams go beyond fake reviews by attempting to get your information or to make you sign up for something you don’t want. Many scam websites attempt to lure you in by making the site look like a familiar, legitimate website. Other websites show competitors side by side, but if you actually call a phone number or send an e-mail, you’ll reach only their company.

If a website asks for your name, address, or credit card information before it lets you see anything else, it is likely a scam. You shouldn’t have to give out information just to see product reviews. Some scam sites ask for information with a pop-up box when you first get to the site, while others may instruct you to click a link or immediately redirect you to another site. If that happens, leave!

Check Credentials

On some medical alert systems reviews sites, recommended products will be “featured” in number one positions because of their online advertising spend. Other sites promote their own views as editors backed by advertising dollars, a potential conflict of interest. While these sites may have their virtues, you may still prefer to hear straight from customers and judge rankings according to criteria that is important to you.

Some reviews claim to be from doctors or other medical professionals. If you’re not sure about a review, look up the doctor online. Most states have some form of consumer protection agency that keeps track of certified doctors, or you can check via your state’s medical board website. If someone claims to be a doctor but isn’t, the rest of the review likely isn’t very truthful, either.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a couple more general tips for researching medical alert systems online:

  • To avoid fake medical alert systems reviews, find a source you trust and stick with it. This saves you the hassle of researching every site every time.
  • You can ask reviewers for more information in order to verify their stories. Many sites let you comment on reviews or ask questions of the reviewer.

Medical alert systems are a great resource for seniors and their caregivers alike. Making sure you know how to spot a phony review or scam will ensure that your senior will have the alert system best suited to his/her care.

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