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Organizing a Senior Meet

Organizing a Senior Meet

The busy nature of life has changed the way we make friends. Where we used to meet new people casually and with ease, now we often have to reach out and make an effort in order to meet new people. A senior meet-up can introduce you to people you wouldn’t have otherwise come in contact with.

What Is a Senior Meet?

Think of the meet-up as a gathering of seniors in your area who all have a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. It’s a way of connecting with folks you wouldn’t have normally become friends with through a new activity or from social interaction.

Senior meets can be a one-time event (like a barbecue, game night, or other neighborhood event) or something that meets regularly (like a walking club or craft group). These types of social meet-ups can take place in an assisted living facility, a nursing home, or anywhere in the neighborhood.

Finding a Meet-Up Near You

If you live in an assisted living or care facility, check out the community bulletin boards about meet-ups that are currently going on. An activity or admissions director is a good place to start. Your local library or chamber of commerce can also be helpful in finding out where senior groups meet.

Another great option is the site, which has a page especially for senior gatherings in your area. These vary from groups interested in learning something new each month to those who just want to get together and make a few new friends.

You can also start your own group on Meetup, which can attract people from your area whom you haven’t had a chance to meet. Sometimes people live near us and even share our interests, and we don’t connect because of our busy schedules. Starting your own group lets you learn more about your favorite activity while also making new friends.

The Variety of Seniors Groups

Seniors groups are as diverse as the people who join them. They can include things like:

  • Monthly book clubs
  • Daily walking groups
  • Guest speaker events
  • Shopping trips
  • Community volunteering

Meet-ups are held at community centers, people’s homes, care facilities, libraries, and even shopping malls. It may take some time to find the right group for you, so be patient. To get the most out of a senior meet, be open to mingling and making the first step in introducing yourself to new people.

Seniors today have a lot of choices when it comes to building their social life, and this is especially important when it comes to making new friends. Check out these additional tips for living an independent life.

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