Osteoporosis? Medical Alert Systems Offer Safety, Comfort

Osteoporosis is characterized by the deterioration of bones, which leads to low bone density. More than 40 million people are living with symptoms in the United States, and many more are at risk for developing the condition, according to statistics compiled by the National Institutes of Health. Seniors with osteoporosis are more likely to suffer fractures than those with healthier bones.

If you are one of these seniors, you may realize that the disease poses a great risk to your health, safety, and independence. Luckily, though, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of fractures.

Increased Fall Risk

Seniors with osteoporosis are at an increased fall risk due to the symptoms of the disease and are at a much greater risk of being injured if they do fall. The International Osteoporosis Foundation published statistics showing that one out of every three affected women and one of every five affected men worldwide will suffer a wrist, hip, or spinal fracture due to the disease.

These injuries can be significant, because the condition weakens the bones in the hip and spine, in addition to other areas of the body. Hip and spine fractures in seniors can be incredibly challenging to recover from. Many seniors never return to their previous level of independence after one of these fractures.

The Benefits of a Medical Alert Device

Getting immediate assistance after a fall is one of the most important factors in determining if you will make a full recovery. This is the primary reason that a medical alert system is a good investment for seniors at risk for osteoporosis-related falls or fractures. If you fall, the device allows you to contact someone immediately and have help at your door within minutes.

With Philips Lifeline, a trained associate will answer your call within seconds. The associate will be located right here in the United States, and the connection will be clear and easy to hear. You’ll even be able to choose if you want to call for an ambulance or call a trusted friend or family member for assistance instead.

A fear of falling is common in seniors, especially among those who have fallen previously or are at a high risk for falls. Knowing you are prepared in case a fall happens can bring comfort and a sense of confidence. With help never more than a push of a button away, you can live life to the fullest instead of living in fear.

When your bones are brittle due to osteoporosis, it doesn’t always take a fall to break a wrist. Slipping and catching yourself before you fall can also cause fractures. Your medical alert device can also send help your way in these circumstances.

If you are at high risk for developing osteoporosis or are already displaying symptoms, talk with your doctor about ways to maintain your bone density and combat the disease. In addition to following his recommendations, consider investing in a medical alert system to use at home or a mobile alert system for use at home or on the go. These systems can be your best defense if a fall or injury does occur.

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