An Automatic Pill Dispenser Helps Keep You on Track

As you age, it may be more difficult to keep track of the medications you are prescribed. Not only do seniors take more medications than any other age group — they are also more likely to forget to take their pills. This leads to more than one out of every three seniors in the United States having an unwanted drug reaction every year, according to reports from the American Geriatrics Society.

Almost a quarter of nursing home admissions can be tied to problems with managing medications at home, according to research published in Drugs & Aging. An automatic pill dispenser can help these seniors remain independent longer and may help you remain in your home despite struggling with your medication schedule.

What Is an Automatic Pill Dispenser Service?

When it comes to medication management services, there are a number of options available. These can range from simple reminder calls or alarms to automated dispensers. An automatic pill dispenser service is the best choice for seniors who are on multiple medications or who struggle with memory problems.

A pill dispenser not only reminds you to take your medication on time, but it also ensures that pre-loaded dosages are dispensed. With an automatic dispenser, it’s virtually impossible to take too much of your medications, because only a single dose is dispensed.

How Do the Dispensers Work?

Pill dispensers pair high-tech advances with an easy-to-use dispenser. The medications are loaded into the dispenser, and each dose is dispensed according to a preset schedule. An audio reminder sounds to notify you that it is time to take your pills.

These systems can accommodate up to six separate medication times each day, depending on your needs. They also offer reminders on special instructions for medications and reminders for non-pill prescriptions that cannot be dispensed through the appliance. In addition to being easy to use, they are both effective and affordable.

Taking your medications as prescribed is key in remaining healthy and independent as you age. Accidentally doubling a dose of some medications can lead to overdose, while skipping a dose can also lead to health concerns. By investing in a pill dispenser or other similar service, you can alleviate the stress and worry that can often accompany daily medication management.

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