Brain Exercise Can Aid Independence

You probably know that going to the gym regularly helps keep your body in shape, preventing falls and helping you maintain your independence. But did you know that brain exercise can have some of the same benefits for your mind? Philips Senior Safety Package includes cognitive exercises designed specifically for older adults that may help keep your brain in top shape.

Do Brain Games Strengthen Minds?

A number of scientific studies have shown that seniors who use brain games to improve memory and processing time show a great deal of improvement. A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in 2009 found that seniors who participated in 40 hours of a computerized cognitive training program over eight weeks significantly improved their memory and attention. A separate study conducted at Pennsylvania State University found that brain training focused on reasoning led to long-lasting improvements in daily life.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

As people age, they do not process information as quickly as they did before, which can lead to trouble recalling things from memory. The goal of brain fitness exercises is to help seniors maintain, enhance, and recover these lost mental abilities.

Brain fitness expercises can help you remember names, appointment times, and other information, making you feel more confident. By helping you remember directions and to take your medications on time, it can also aid in keeping you independent.

Why Brain Fitness?

The cognitive exercises in our Senior Safety Package are powered by BrainHQ, a leading brain exercise program. The program was developed by a group of more than 60 neuroscientists from the Mayo Clinic, Yale, and the University of California, and it is supported by grants from the US Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health. Seniors in more than 58 countries benefit from the program’s brain-building games. It’s offered through a number of well-known hospitals and has been named the top brain exercise program for seniors by the AARP, PBS, and a number of other organizations.

These brain games can be used on any computer or iPad, and it’s easy to use even for seniors who aren’t comfortable with technology. The games are not only entertaining and useful, but they adapt to your needs, ensuring you are always focused on the brain-building tasks you need most.

Just like working out at the gym benefits your body, brain exercise can make your brain stronger, helping you think faster, more clearly, and with more confidence.The Senior Safety Package can bring you confidence and support your independence. 

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