Personal Safety: Reasons to Invest in a Medical Alert Service

Personal Safety: Reasons to Invest in a Medical Alert Service

Updated June 2020

We’re all thinking more about personal safety, especially when we’re isolated or living alone. Investing in personal safety has never made more sense.

Who will benefit from a medical alert system?

Older adults who want to continue to live independently can support that goal with a personal emergency alert system.

Stay independent and active.

Most of us would prefer to age in place, living out our days without incident in comfortable, familiar surroundings. A medical emergency alert system can support you at home and in your neighborhood with more peace of mind. Move in and around your home, visit your favorite shops and restaurants and go about your favorite activities knowing help is a call away when and where you need it1. How to choose a medical alert system that meets your specific needs.

Reduce complications from falls or chronic conditions.

When you have an emergency – from confusion to a medical issue to a fall – time is crucial. Getting help as soon as possible helps reduce the risk of additional complications, such as head injury2 or serious damage from a heart attack3. It takes only 21 seconds for Philips Response Center staff to answer a call after a button is pressed or a fall detected by AutoAlert4. Compare that to the average two-hour wait time for those who call for help on their own5. And response times could be even longer in rural areas. What happens when we fall?

What should I look for in a medical alert system?

There are multiple factors to consider when thinking about a medical emergency alert system. Three important features to seek out are:

24-7 access to help.

Accidents and medical emergencies can take place any time day or night. Choose a system with good reviews for uptime and battery life, and a highly trained response center staff across multiple call centers that are prepared to stay online even during power outages and bad weather.

Professional assistance.

A medical alert system that calls families or emergency services can ensure you get the care you want how you want it. You control who is contacted and how they respond as long as our response associates can speak with you. If you’re unable to respond, they follow instructions you and your family have agreed to ahead of time. Associates stay on the line until emergency personnel or your family member arrives.

Ease of use.

The last thing you want in an emergency is confusion and delay. The best medical alert system for seniors is simple to use. A simple press of the button is faster and easier than remembering a series of numbers or fumbling with a phone. Lifeline with AutoAlert signals for help even if you can’t press the button.

This information helps guide your decision to buy a medical alert system and can assist care recipients in making smart choices with you.

Family caregiver? Check out our video on how to talk to mom or dad about getting a medical emergency alert service.


1  With GoSafe, coverage outside the home is provided where AT&T wireless network coverage is available. Recharging of the GoSafe button is done by the user as needed, when connected to the charger.; Located on Page 7, Column 2

3; Located on Page 1

4  According to results from an analysis of Philips Home Monitoring internal data collected from Aug. 2015 through Aug. 2016. All data is reported with a +/- 95% confidence interval.


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