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5 Reasons Seniors Should Consider Med Alert Services

5 Reasons to Consider Medical Alert Services

Preventative care today involves much more than screenings and tests. It means taking advantage of every option available to enjoy health and prolong life, including medical alert services. Seniors are coming to realize the advantages that new technologies like med alert services offer to make their lives safer at home.

All too often, however, older people wait until after a fall or medical incident to investigate med alert services, believing that it is a complicated decision. In reality, however, most seniors have found that there are five compelling reasons that help them determine what to do:

  1. The security of 24-7 monitoring at home. Accidents and medical emergencies can take place any time day or night, without warning. With so many families living far apart today, you may not always have someone nearby to call for help. Med alert services provide that reliability.
  2. Prompt emergency assistance. At the touch of a button, seniors have access to urgent medical care within minutes. Operators at the medical alert service call center will stay on the line until paramedics or other emergency personnel arrive and can convey information from trained medical professionals about what to do until that time. Operators can also promptly alert family members and caretakers of the situation.
  3. Protection against risk of age-related injuries. The longer people live, the greater their risk for falls and other serious injuries due to impaired thinking or physical ailments. A New England Journal of Medicine study found that subscribers to medical alert services have fewer hospital admissions and shorter stays, helping them live independently longer. Medical alert services can give you peace of mind, ensuring that if an accident occurs at home, medical assistance will be on the way quickly, reducing fears of being helpless and alone for hours.
  4. Maintain independence. According to a recent study by the Joint Center of Housing Studies of Harvard University, as baby boomers move into retirement, they are expressing greater desire to retrofit their home so that they can “age in place.” A med alert service can help delay — and might even eliminate — the need to move into an assisted living or long-term care facility, which can run over $40,000 a year and does not afford the psychological comforts of home. In contrast, most med alert services cost around $360 per year.
  5. Convenience. Med alert services are user-friendly for older people, who in an emergency may be incapacitated and have difficulty remembering contact numbers or seeing telephone keypads. Instead, all you have to do is press a large button on a necklace or wristband to get prompt access to an operator of the med alert system. The operator also has instant access to your correct address, phone number, and contact information for your family members.

Once seniors understand all of the compelling reasons to subscribe to med alert services, the decision is usually made in their mind. The next step is deciding the best med alert service for your particular needs.

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