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The 4 Best Pets for Seniors

What is the Easiest Pet to Take Care Of?

Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend, but they aren’t the only pets that provide love and companionship.  Here are four great pets for seniors that can help keep you company when your kids have left the nest.

Taking Care of Dogs and Cats for Seniors

For many people, dogs are ideal pets.  And there’s no doubt that all the love you give a dog you’ll get back tenfold.  For seniors, there might be a few considerations, including such responsibilities as walking the dog or playing with him outside.  There may also be issues with the dog barking if he lives in a retirement community that values peace and quiet.  At the end of the day, however, dogs are loyal, and not only do they provide undying love, but they also often do their best to protect their owners.

Cats, too, are popular pets.  While some consider these animals aloof, once you win them over, they often dole out just as much affection as dogs.  Cats are typically quiet, and they don’t require any additional walking or outdoor care — though cat owners must be able to keep up with their cats’ litter boxes.

Low Maintenance Pets for Seniors

If you’re not interested in a cat or dog, consider adopting a bird.  Birds are relatively low maintenance, but they’re still fairly interactive.  They may even be chatty, depending on what type you get and how well they can be trained to “talk.”  Depending on the breed, birds can be a variety of colors, and they add beauty to a room.  You never have to walk them and there are no litter boxes to change — there’s just a little tray in the bottom of the cage.

For an even lower-maintenance pet, try fish.  Once their tank is set up, just sprinkle in a little food every day and enjoy the mesmerizing aquatic show.  The benefits of owning a fish tank have been proven in a variety of groups — from children with ADHD to seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and beyond; in addition, many believe that aquariums can help lower your blood pressure.  Fish tanks create a relaxing environment that can enhance each day of your life.

If you’re looking for an animal companion to keep you company, consider one of these four great pets for seniors.  They may not be the best conversationalists, but they’ll always be ready to listen.

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