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Mobile Medical Alert Systems: Philips Lifeline GoSafe Review

Mobile Medical Alert Systems: Philips Lifeline GoSafe Review

You probably know someone who’s suffered a fall, or may have even suffered a fall yourself. Over a third of seniors suffer one or more falls each year, according to the National Institutes of Health. One of the best tips for seniors looking to avoid fall injuries and stay independent is to invest in mobile medical alert systems. After all, the risk of falling should not deter you from the physical and social activities you love.

Philips Lifeline’s GoSafe is the latest mobile medical alert system that’s been designed to keep seniors independent while feeling safe. Its purpose is to give users the self-assurance to return to activities they have cut back on for fear of falling, with the knowledge that assistance is readily available.

Mobile Medical Alert Systems

Mobile medical alert systems, also known as mobile personal emergency response system (PERs), are blends of multiple technologies geared toward keeping users safe regardless of the activities they are performing. Unlike traditional home medical alert systems, these mobile medical alert pendants are not connected to medical alert base stations that work only inside — instead, they can be taken anywhere there’s cellular telephone or Wi-Fi service.3

How Does GoSafe Work?

Not unlike other medical alert systems, the GoSafe pendant is worn around the user’s neck continuously, inside and outside the home. If an emergency occurs, he pushes the button to initiate a call for help. If he can’t press the button himself, GoSafe will automatically alert the Lifeline Response Center if it detects a fall using our AutoAlert fall detection.1

Typical GoSafe Users

While GoSafe helps keep anyone protected in the case of an emergency, typical GoSafe users are seniors who:

  • Want to continue doing enjoyable activities with an additional level of protection in the event of an emergency;
  • May have a fear of falling while in the community or at home;
  • Are concerned about accessibility to quick assistance in the case of an emergency; and
  • Are searching for a user-friendly PERs system for added protection and assurance while remaining active and independent anywhere within the AT&T network, 24 hours a day.

The GoSafe Advantage

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that many seniors who sustain a fall, regardless of injury, acquire a fear of falling. This fear may create anxiety or hesitation to engage in activities that may lead to more sedentary lifestyles, which in turn may further increase an older adult’s fall risk.

GoSafe was created to assist seniors in remaining active as they age. It offers an exclusive blending of fall recognition and detection capability, as well as two-way voice communication to facilitate users’ self assurance.

The GoSafe system provides numerous benefits, including:

  • The AutoAlert fall detection system, which is designed to call for assistance if it detects that a fall has occurred;
  • Multiple locating technologies that obtain assistance from the mobile medical alert system anywhere you go within the AT&T network, inside or outside the home;
  • An in-home base communicator console, the central device of the system, which incorporates integrated technologies that help enhance overall system performance;
  • A waterproof smart pendant that is simple to wear and use, and that flawlessly switches from home to on the move;
  • An extended battery life lasting up to a week between charges; and
  • A magnetic charger, which allows the device to recharge while still in use.

The most important benefit of all, however, is peace of mind. No matter where you go, help is just a call away.

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