Money-Saving Tips for Seniors Who Shop Online

If you’re an Internet shopper, you’ll want to use all the money-saving tips at your disposal. Some seniors think that shopping on the Internet is unsafe or that their information will get hacked. Information can get hacked, but it’s no more likely to get hacked through an online transaction than it is at your local grocery store — that’s because your credit card or bank information transmits through computers no matter where you shop. There are some sites, however, that are more reputable than others, and thus less likely to cause you any grief. Let’s explore some of the safest shopping sites on the Internet that will save you the most money.

Amazon Prime

If you shop frequently at, you’ll want a Prime membership. For $99 per year, you’ll receive free two-day delivery on selected items. This is one of the best Internet money-saving tips, saving you hundreds of dollars a year, and that’s not counting Amazon’s already low prices. Prime members also receive free Kindle books, as well as free streaming movies, TV episodes, and music — a great entertainment bargain.

Easy Cash Rebates

You’ve probably heard of Ebates, a site where you sign on to go to your favorite store and automatically receive a rebate check at regular intervals. Rebate percentages vary by store, and Ebates keeps track of your rebates for you. You pay the same price and receive sale prices just like non-rebate shoppers.

But there’s a way to save even more money with rebates. Visit Cashback Monitor to see a list of reputable cash-back (rebate) sites. Start by clicking “Cashback,” and then click a letter to find your store. Follow along as we demonstrate with Talbots: Click “T.” Scroll down until you find “Talbots” in the list. Now read across the list to find different discounts at different rebate sites. If you are a regular Talbots shopper, you can register at the appropriate rebate site. Some sites require a minimum rebate, so read the fine print. You can also register at Cashback Monitor to keep track of other types of rewards programs for which you are subscribed.

Gas Buddy

Gas prices can vary wildly from one station to another, especially in different parts of town. You can keep track of gas prices at GasBuddy. If you combine a low gas price with a “deal” of some kind, you can save enormous amounts of money. For example, Publix often runs a promotion: Buy $50 in grocery and receive a $50 gas card for $40. That’s a 20 percent savings on gas.


You’ve heard of Groupon and dozens of sites like it. Yipit aggregates deals for your city, so you receive them all in one visit to the site and/or in daily e-mails. Don’t overlook this site — you could receive deals such as $39 to clean the ducts in your house, as opposed to paying $500 if you call the same company on your own.

Shopping on the Internet has never been easier or more rewarding, and with a host of senior computer safety tips at your disposal, there’s no better time to take advantage. If you’re in doubt about a specific site, do your research before visiting — but don’t pass up the opportunity for huge savings by taking advantage of these money-saving tips.

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