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Travel Trends for Adults Over 50

Top Senior Tourism Trends

Seniors are eager to check off their bucket lists when it comes to international travel, according to a 2017 AARP survey. Their domestic travel is motivated by seasonal vacations (summer, holidays), multi-generational trips and weekend getaways.

The survey showed several senior tourism trends driving 50-plus travel this year, including:

  • Almost all survey respondents (99%) will take at least one leisure trip; an average of five -plus trips are anticipated over the year.
  • Top international destinations include Mexico, the Caribbean, and/or the U.K. and Ireland); within the U.S. Florida and California were top choices.
  • Most (51%) expect to limit their travel to within the U.S.; 43% want to travel both domestically and abroad.
  • Not surprisingly, spring and summer are the most popular seasons for travel, no matter the destination.

Traveling with Confidence

Besides deciding where to visit, the 50-plus travel set considers other issues in their travel planning. The top barrier uncovered in the travel trends research was cost, cited by 43% of respondents. But health issues (34%) and security concerns (28%) also factored prominently.

If concerns about health and personal safety have you thinking twice about going on vacation, a medical alert device may ease your fears. These discreet devices empower you to venture forth with the knowledge that help is a button-press away should you need it.

The Philips Lifeline GoSafe, for example, is a wearable pendant or bracelet that connects to an in-home base station or a cellular network.* The system deploys six advanced location technologies, including GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks, so it can quickly identify your geographic location.

When you’re confident, you enjoy travel experiences and interact with the world in new, exciting ways. Before you plan your next trip, make sure a mobile medical alert system has you covered. Let that extra bit of safety and security encourage you to ride horseback, hike, stroll along the beach, and leave your worries behind.

Updated June 2017

* With GoSafe, coverage outside the home is provided where AT&T wireless network coverage is available. Recharging of the GoSafe button is done by the user as needed, when connected to the charger. A customer phone number is required to enroll in the service. Assume the location of the communicator is in an area with sufficient access to coverage by the AT&T wireless network.

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