Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

Your senior loved ones probably have all the ties, sweaters, and perfume they’ll ever need, so why not give them gifts they can really use? With so much technology available to make your loved one’s life easier, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something she’ll adore. Check out this list of gift ideas for seniors to get started.

Helpful Household Gifts

If you’re in a position to splurge a little, one of the most helpful (and just plain coolest) things you can buy for your loved one is a robotic vacuum. Not only will it reduce his risk of falling by easing the burden of dragging a vacuum all over the house, but it’s bound to impress him and all his friends. He can get some entertainment from this tidy little gadget, and you can check vacuuming off the weekly list of chores.

If your senior loves coffee or tea, an automatic home brewer is another option for the home. These machines can dole out the perfect amount for one person, and the flavor possibilities are endless. Spend a little time showing your senior how this household helper works so that she can help herself to a hot beverage whenever she likes.

Leisure Gifts

Most people love to read, but books can be bulky and cumbersome. Try the compact and more portable alternative: an e-book reader. Despite being high tech, e-book readers are very easy to learn and use, offer on-demand delivery of almost any book you can name, and can be customized to use large print. They can easily travel with seniors and help pass the time while waiting for appointments.

The Gift of Safety

For the ultimate practical gift, consider a medical alert system — perhaps one such as the GoSafe, which boasts location tracking for seniors on the go. GoSafe employs six location technologies to help find someone who’s away from home, and it has two-way communication built right into its waterproof pendant. Whether your senior is out for a walk or even on vacation, GoSafe makes sure that help is within reach. With a medical alert system, you can give your loved one the gift of peace of mind.

Whether it’s a birthday or a holiday, surprise your loved one with something unexpected this year. With so many great gift ideas for seniors to choose from, your biggest problem this year might just be deciding which to buy first!

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