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Technology for Seniors: How New Devices Can Make Life Easier

From improving hygienic practices to feeding your sense of adventure, there’s no shortage of technology for seniors that can improve quality of life. Take a look at just some of the many options you have at your disposal. You might be surprised to find just the thing to help you stay healthy, happy, and independent.

Electric Toothbrushes

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is key to ensuring oral hygiene — what’s more, it could be helping you prevent such serious conditions as heart attacks.

You may have noticed electric toothbrushes in the aisles of your local convenience store. These devices pulsate and rotate to help clean each tooth in a way that manual toothbrushes cannot. Plus, they’re easy to use. By holding these gently and being careful not to press too hard as you work them around your teeth and gums, you can achieve a brighter smile and a more thoroughly cleaned mouth.

High-Tech Canes

If you love walking but worry about getting lost, high-tech canes might be the fix you need. Smart canes, such as the Aid Cane, are designed to be ergonomically sound, keep track of your vitals, and give you directions as you walk. Now you can go further with the support you need — and even explore some new places, too.

Digital Thermostats

Between saving on heating costs and finding a comfortable temperature, your household climate control can cause you a lot of stress. Enter digital options like NEST, a “next-generation” thermostat, that “learns your schedule, programs itself, and can be controlled from your phone.” Wherever you go, you can use services like NEST to adjust your thermostat, helping you save money and come home to a comfortable house.

Medication Dispensers

It can be difficult to keep track of all of your medication, taking the proper pills at the right time, and taking care not to take a double dose. Medication dispensing services can help.

With medication dispensers, you or your caregiver can load cups with the appropriate doses of medications. Once loaded, the Lifeline service is notified of the medication schedule, which then programs the machine. Every day, an alarm will notify you when a medication is due. You’ll push a button and the machine dispenses the medication you need. And, if you forget, the dispenser will notify a pre-selected caregiver, who can remind you to take the medication you need.

Tablet Computers and Smartphones

Tablet computers and smartphones are light, portable ways that you can bring your favorite games, books, and programs anywhere you go. By relying on wireless internet connections, these devices can even help you access your favorite websites and video chat with loved ones.

From money-saving devices like the NEST thermostat, to life-saving medical alert devices, technology for seniors can help make life easier for you and your loved ones.

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