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At Philips Lifeline, We Care for the Caregivers

At Philips Lifeline, We Care for the Caregivers

At Philips Lifeline, We Care for the Caregivers

For more than 40 years, Philips Lifeline has been committed to improving quality of life for caregivers and their loved ones. With innovations like our AutoAlert fall detection technology, which reports on twice as many falls as standard devices*, and our Medication Dispensing Services, which has proven to deliver a 98.6% in-home dispensing adherence level among monitored subscribers, we are committed to providing the solutions, tools and information you need to take care of your aging loved ones.

We know being a caregiver can be difficult:

  • The average caregiver provides 19 hours of care per week
  • 75% of you work outside the home
  • 33% of you are also raising your own children

Meanwhile, fall statistics among senior adults are unsettling: one out of three older adults (aged 65 or older) falls each year and many experience lacerations, bone fractures, and head trauma as a result, according to the CDC. Falls lead to hospitalizations and health expenses, and the longer your loved one is on the floor, the worse the complications can be.

What can you do when you’re being pulled by the demands of your own life while trying to care for your parent or loved one? Philips Lifeline can help.

Medical Alert Systems

We want your loved ones to be able to live the lives they want, at home or on the go. Our medical alert systems come in a number of options, are backed by 24/7 access to help from our U.S.-based call center and are highly recommended by hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals. And be sure to consider our AutoAlert fall detection, which detects 95% of many types of falls and can automatically call for help if your loved one is unable to push the button.1

Learn more about:

  • GoSafe: GoSafe medical alert system offers 24/7 emergency assistance both inside your home and out — for confidence anywhere you need it.2 It leverages 6 location technologies for locating your loved one and includes AutoAlert, the most proven fall detection technology in the country.
  • HomeSafe: Our HomeSafe medical alert system connects you to our U.S.-based Response Center with a simple push of your Lifeline help button – tucked discreetly inside your clothes or worn outside. Available with AutoAlert fall detection technology.

Not sure which is the best option for your loved one? Try our decision guide and compare safety solutions.

Expert Resources for You

As a caregiver, you need to stay up on the latest information and advice to help you manage all you do. We pull together essential resources and tips to help you care for your loved one — and yourself.

Fall Prevention & Safety: Falls can have a profound impact on a senior’s life and health. Get tips for preventing falls and keeping your loved one safe.

Heath Issues & Conditions: Some chronic conditions, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Parkinson’s and more, put seniors at risk for other complications, including falls. Check out our advice for caring for loved ones with specific conditions and other health issues.

Caring for Yourself: While caring for everyone else, don’t forget about yourself. Try our resources for putting yourself first, preventing caregiver burnout and more.

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