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Fall Prevention & Safety

Fall Prevention & Safety

Keeping an Emergency Preparedness Kit for Homebound Seniors

Seniors who live alone may be especially prone to the ravages of bad weather. When the power goes out and the roads are dangerous, knowing that your senior loved one has an accessible, well-stocked emergency preparedness... Read more

7 Home Renovation Tips for Caregivers: The Bathroom

Seniors with mobility issues often continue to live independently by making changes to their house — particularly in the bathroom. These seven home renovation tips for caregivers will help you transform your loved one’s bathroom... Read more

Medical Alert Systems Lend Caregiver Support

Medical alert systems can provide incredible caregiver support, enabling them to spend a little more time with their families, grow their careers, and continue to provide high-quality care to their senior loved ones. If you’re considering... Read more

Tips for Building Confidence in Your Senior After a Fall

If your loved one has recently fallen, she’s not alone: One out of every three seniors falls each year. She may also have developed a fear of falling that has greatly limited her mobility... Read more

Mobile Personal Emergency Response System Keeps You Safe on the Go

Falls are the leading cause of injuries and trips to the emergency room for seniors, from head injuries and hip fractures to wrist, arm, and shoulder injuries. About 40 percent of these falls happen outside the home... Read more

Caring for Seniors: Recognizing Signs of Elder Abuse

One key in caring for seniors is to ensure that everyone in the senior’s life knows how to recognize and handle cases of abuse. About one in 10 seniors have suffered physical or emotional abuse or neglect... Read more

Medical Alert Systems Bring Peace of Mind to Long Distance Caregiving

Caring for an aging loved one is never easy, but in many ways long-distance caregiving brings with it additional challenges. More than 43 million Americans serve as caregivers to a family member...Read more

Summoning Emergency Medical Services at Night

Late night is the worst time for medical emergencies, especially for seniors living alone. For caretakers, the thought of nighttime emergencies is a constant worry: Will my senior be able to summon... Read more

Medical Alert Systems Help Frail Parents and Their Caregivers

It’s hard to watch your parents age. Whether they have a chronic illness or just appear frail or weak, it’s difficult to know that your once strong and independent parents now seem so fragile. It’s hard to face the risks... Read more

A Medical Alert Device Makes an Excellent Mother's Day Gift

If you’re still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom, a medical alert system could be the answer. A medical alert device not only offers peace of mind, but it also helps her stay safe and protects her independence... Read more

Talking to Mom or Dad About a Med Alert System

Talking to your parent about getting a medical alert system can be a difficult, emotional conversation. Seniors may initially view med alert systems as a loss of their independence or as a sign that they cannot... Read more

When to Hire a Home Health Aide

A home health aide can help your senior with a variety of tasks, like shopping, running errands, assisting with bathroom breaks, and preparing meals. Aides also provide companionship and help your loved ones stay in their homes...Read more

Enjoy Peace of Mind When Your Loved One Is Protected by a Medical Alert Service

A medical alert device can give you peace of mind that your senior loved one is safe and sound when you’re not around. Medical alert services give your aging relative automatic access to help in an emergency... Read more

A Hard Decision: Having the "Stop Driving" Talk with Elderly Drivers

Steering aging parents out of the driver’s seat is something most caregivers dread because they know how they would feel without wheels. But there is a way to having the “stop driving” talk with elderly drivers without... Read more

Medical Alert Systems Reviews: Beware of Fake Online Reviews

Many consumers rely on reviews when buying products online. If you’re researching medical alert options for a senior citizen in your life, you should know that not all medical alert review sites can be trusted.Read more

Tips for Making Your Home Safe for Seniors to Visit

If you’re planning to host elderly guests in your home, there are a few things you should consider doing before they arrive to ensure a safe, enjoyable visit. Certain aspects of your home may not be... Read more

E-Book: Working Together to Prevent Falls at Home

On average, one third of adults age 65 and older fall each year, and their consequences can be catastrophic. Philips Lifeline created this e-book with practical tips, suggestions and resources to reduce the risk of falling. Download from

How to Make Your Loved One's House Wheelchair Accessible

Climbing steps at home is nearly impossible for seniors with mobility issues. But it’s possible to make any living quarters with stairs either walker or wheelchair accessible. With the help of stair lifts, ramps, and wheelchair/platform lifts... Read more

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