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Garrett, 21, protects himself with GoSafe medical alert necklace

Garrett, 21, Lives Better with GoSafe

Dear Philips,

When I think about what Philips Lifeline GoSafe means to our family, I want so much to share it with others.

On Dec. 16, 2014, our son, Garrett, then 20 and a junior in college, was flying home from a school trip in Las Vegas. While boarding the plane to return home, he had his first grand mal seizure.

On Jan. 16, 2015, Garrett had his gall bladder removed in an emergency surgery. That day he had his third and fourth seizure. He would later have his tonsils removed and would also have more seizures. Not knowing what was going on with him, neurologists were called in to speculate, other specialists gave their opinions and he underwent endless testing. The bottom line is two or more seizures, and the diagnosis is the same for everyone: Generalized Seizure Disorder or Epilepsy. Garrett is one of 65 million people in the world with a condition that causes him to fall from an unprovoked seizure, without warning, rendering him unconscious and helpless for up to five minutes, and often longer.

Our son is now 21 years old. He isn’t elderly and he isn’t weak, but his medical condition does make him a fall risk and unable to call for help when he does fall from a seizure.  For a seizure patient or a patient who suffers with any muscular-skeletal issue and wants to maintain an active lifestyle, have a job, a family, or be on the go, GoSafe with AutoAlert can provide access to help if it detects a fall1. Medical issues that come with the risk of falling do not discriminate by age.

Garrett took a medical leave of absence from the spring semester of his junior year of college to take care of himself and gain control of his life with the challenges of Epilepsy. He did not want to take the medical leave, but in the end, he accepted it with the condition that he remain on campus. With school more than an hour away from our home and immediate family care, this one condition came with fear and some arguments. GoSafe gave us the comfort we needed so that Garrett could return to school to be with his friends and function as an independent adult despite his medical limitations. We found comfort in knowing he could get medical help if necessary and that we would be called if and when GoSafe detected a fall. GoSafe made this possible.

GoSafe and the Philips Lifeline Response Center have helped save Garrett twice. On both occasions, 911 received a notice by your call center. Knowing that GoSafe with AutoAlert can get access to the help we have requested for our son wherever he is3 if it detects a fall, means everything to us, as you can imagine.

Garrett lives BETTER with his GoSafe button. He isn’t ashamed to wear it. In fact, he is more comfortable because he can live a “normal” life with it, and his friends, advisors, and professors have greater peace of mind knowing he has the backup of GoSafe. They know it can help him if he has a seizure. They know that if he falls due to a seizure and the fall is detected, GoSafe with AutoAlert can provide access to the Lifeline Response Center. His friends, advisors, and professors don’t need to worry about calling for help. More importantly, they don’t have to worry about calling his loved ones to let them know he’s had an episode. Your company’s Response Center takes care of all of this. We think Philips Lifeline GoSafe is an outstanding product!

There is such a critical need for GoSafe among those with fall-potential medical issues, like Garrett. For instance, according to the Epilepsy Foundation, the:

  • 65 million people who have Epilepsy
  • 500,000 who have cerebral palsy
  • 350,000 people who have muscular sclerosis
  • 250,000 people who have muscular dystrophy
  • 50% of all Americans under the age of 40 who suffer from vertigo

GoSafe with AutoAlert has made a remarkable difference for our family. Garrett is an active college senior, involved in everything, popular, a leader on campus, out in front of whatever is happening. He hasn’t let his Epilepsy stop him. In fact, he recently was in charge of the university’s homecoming weekend. Not many seizure patients would even accept such a challenge. Everyone is astounded by his fortitude after all he has been through. Even with the seizures, which continue and can hit at any moment, he carries on. Philips Lifeline GoSafe helps him do it all.

Beckie, Garrett’s Mom

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