We Gave My Father a Philips Lifeline When He Was Diagnosed with a Heart Condition

I’m a daddy’s girl. My dad has always been my hero, and growing up, I thought he was invincible – nothing would ever happen to my father.

Always in good shape, Dad had been in the military and he stayed the same size as when he wore a uniform. He was active and the picture of health. He was always on the go. One summer, he was out gardening, and he was stung by a swarm of yellow jackets. With all the venom in his system, he had to go to the ER, and that’s when we found out he had coronary heart disease. None of us had a clue.

The doctors wanted him to have bypass surgery, but Dad had other ideas. Being as strong-willed as he is, he refused – despite the urging of us kids. We knew we had to do something.

A Loving Gift: A Medical Alert Device

After he turned down the surgery, we told him that, as his children, if he wanted to continue to live alone, we would feel much better if he had a Philips Lifeline medical alert device. We didn't give him much of a chance to say no and gave it to him as a gift.

Three years later, he had the big heart attack the doctors had predicted. And we believe that had he not had the Philips Lifeline that we had forced him to get, he would not have survived it.

In fact, it was his girlfriend who pushed the button. He, like many men, would have tried waiting it out, but with a heart condition, time matters. You need to get help at the first sign of a heart attack.

Peace of Mind for Us Kids

Since then, we have upgraded Daddy to a Philips Lifeline GoSafe with AutoAlert, which offers on the go protection3. If AutoAlert fall detection detects a fall, it will automatically call for help1, even if you’re unconscious, immobilized or disoriented.

My dad fishes, and he likes to be active. I used to worry myself sick, but now I don’t have to. Even though he has a heart condition, I have peace of mind, because he wears a Philips Lifeline medical alert device. He's happy that I don't nag him about it anymore, and now he tells everyone he knows that they should get one too!

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