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Saved by a Button Push

Poem by Dr. Carlos W. Gibbons

Carlos Gibbons, a former state superintendent of education, sends his daughter, Leeza Gibbons, a handwritten poem every day. Leeza cherishes these poems, making books out of her father’s work. They have shared one with us, recounting the day he had a heart attack and his Philips Lifeline medical alert bracelet helped to save his life*:


In June of 2015 I had a major heart attack;
And there was no time to reflect and think back.
The push of a button on my arm saved my life;
And kept me from having to pay the ultimate price.


When I had my heart attack I fell to the floor;
And I could not crawl to the telephone by the door.
Luckily I had a Philips Lifeline bracelet on my arm;
And I pushed the button to show an alarm.


The Lifeline operator answered the alarm in nothing flat;
And I was on a stretcher heading for the hospital less than 10 minutes after that.
The rapid response obviously saved my life;
As the hospital surgeons put my life under the knife.


Life is so fragile at its best,
And we should be prepared to use technology for any test.
The Philips Lifeline gives me confidence and a feeling of security at all times
Whether I am at home, or waiting in a football ticket line.
I now have the latest Philips Lifeline that has a GPS;
And now I feel secure if I’m on my boat or writing at my desk.


The Philips Lifeline does a lot of things more than be essential in a heart attack;
But also someone to talk with when you need some feedback.
I can be calmed down in an approaching storm;
Or I can report a burglar trying to enter my home.
I can ask for help in a home fire;
And I can be assured the Philips operators never tire.
It pays to have peace of mind 24 hours a day;
And the Philips Lifeline is a most trusted way.


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*This poem was written and submitted by Carlos Gibbons. All claims and opinions within are solely his and are not opinions by or on behalf of Philips Lifeline.

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