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Make Mother's Day a Healthy Day for Mom with These Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Want to give your Mom a Mother's Day gift more lasting and useful than a pretty bouquet, chocolates or the other ho-hum standards? How about something that will help make Mom healthier and more active?

Regardless of age, any Mom will benefit from increased healthy activity.Remaining fit and active is one of the most critical steps she can take to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Just tailor your gift to her specific needs and interests based on our ideas below.

If Mom Is…

Working to Get and Stay Fit

How about giving her a membership or personal training program at the local fitness club? Perhaps golf or tennis equipment, or lessons? Then there are clip-on pedometers or even wearable tech to track all the steps she takes each day. A snazzy pair of comfortable walking shoes will make putting on the miles easier and more fun. And for healthy and enjoyable times with the whole family, how about a bocce, badminton or croquet set or a family bowling party?

A Gardener

How about a classy, broad-brimmed garden hat, comfortable gloves, or a selection of seeds and plants. Mom will be eager to get out and put them to use. And don't forget a tube of sun screen to protect her skin for the time out in the sun.

Living Alone or At Risk of a Fall

As Mom ages, naturally, she treasures her independence and ability to remain in the home. Perhaps a Philips Lifeline medical alert device is the ideal gift to help keep Mom safer and more secure, and to give you some peace of mind. The power to access a Response Associate at the press of a button can be critical when problems occur. And AutoAlert fall detection offers extra protection, automatically calling for help if it detects a fall, even in the wearer cannot or forgets to push the button1.

A Surefire Mother’s Day Gift Hit

And don’t forget the gift any mother may like best of all: Special time with you. Most people regret not spending as much time with Mom as the wish they did, so here's your chance. Take her out to lunch or dinner, take a walk or hike together, play golf or tennis, or go to a movie — do whatever you'll both enjoy, and do it often, not just on Mother's Day. The healthy benefit is just spending enjoyable time together.

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