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Medication Adherence & Management Resources

As a caregiver, you worry about a lot of things — including whether or not your aging loved ones are taking their medications correctly or at all. According to this article by Chris Woolson, one out of 10 hospital admissions is due to the incorrect use of medication.

Check out our resources for helping your aging loved ones adhere to their medication regimens.

Medication Management: Tips for Caregivers

Medication management for your senior can be overwhelming, especially if your loved one has a chronic condition. But managing medications is a very important responsibility for caregivers. Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need a Medication Dispenser

Many seniors depend on their medications to remain healthy, and complicated medication schedules can cause all sorts of issues. A medication dispenser service could be the answer. Read More

Medication Information and Management Plays a Vital Role in Senior Health

In many cases, older adults struggle to manage their medications on their own, with dire consequences. Learn what you can do. Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Medication Errors

There are a number of ways that you can safeguard yourself against medication errors and the adverse drug reactions that may be caused by taking the wrong medication or taking meds incorrectly. Read More

Prescription Organization and How a Medication Dispenser Can Help

Between memorizing drug interactions, juggling appointments, and caring for your loved one full time, how can you keep her medications in order? These tips can help. Read More

When Medications Hurt the Elderly

The benefits of medication come at a price, however, because when used improperly, medicine loses its effectiveness and can even become harmful. Read More

Medication Management: It’s All in the Family

One of the greatest challenges in caring for a senior loved one is making sure the correct medications are taken at the correct time. Read More

Don’t Let Your Medication Solutions Cause More Problems

For many seniors, taking multiple medications to keep chronic conditions in check is just part of the daily routine. But some medications — or combinations of medications — could put you at an additional risk for falls. Read More

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