Telemarketing Fraud Alert


FTC, Florida Attorney General Sue to Halt Operation that Used Robocalls to Fraudulently Pitch Medical Alert Devices to Seniors Nationwide

January 13, 2014

Philips Lifeline is pleased to share the following Federal Trade Commission (FTC) update regarding the fraudulent telemarketing Consumer Alert below.

“At the request of the Federal Trade Commission and the Office of the Florida Attorney General, a U.S. district court has temporarily halted and frozen the assets of an Orlando-based operation that used pre-recorded telephone calls, commonly known as robocalls, to pitch purportedly “free” medical alert devices to senior citizens by false(ly) representing that the devices had been purchased for them by a relative or friend. The defendants also allegedly led consumers to believe that the devices were endorsed by various health organizations and that they would not be charged anything before the devices were activated.

The agencies are seeking a court order permanently banning the defendants from engaging in the allegedly fraudulent and illegal conduct, and providing restitution to consumers who were victimized.”

For more information about the case, please visit halting robocalls for medical alert devices.

Consumer Alert: Have you received aggressive telemarketing calls claiming to be from Philips Lifeline? Please read.

Philips Lifeline has learned of widespread fraudulent telemarketing calls targeting senior citizens in the U.S. and Canada that falsely claim to be offering Philips Lifeline products and services.

Philips Lifeline does not engage in telemarketing of this kind, nor do its partners or distributors. The unauthorized telemarketers making these claims do not represent Philips Lifeline.

We are currently investigating this issue and contacting consumer protection organizations to report this deceptive activity.

If you or a loved one is contacted by telemarketers claiming to represent Philips Lifeline, do not provide credit card or bank information, and request contact information from the calling party.

Consumers or Philips Lifeline subscribers who have received these calls may contact Philips Lifeline with any questions at 800-635-6156.