We Gave My Father Philips Lifeline for His Heart

After Leeza Gibbons' father was unexpectedly diagnosed with a heart condition, she and her siblings decided to get him a Philips Lifeline medical alert device so he could stay at home. Play video.

I Did the Research and I Choose Philips Lifeline

As a trained reporter, Leeza Gibbons researches everything! And when it came to her father’s safety, her research showed that Philips Lifeline is the best choice in her opinion. Find out why. Play video.

The Future of Technology and Caregiving

Philips Home Monitoring is always working on developing new ways to help seniors, caregivers and clinicians create the best outcomes for seniors. Here, TV host and caregiver advocate Leeza Gibbons talks with Paul Adams, Sr. Director of Product Management on future innovations that will help with caregiving. Play video.

Take a Look Inside Philips Lifeline with Leeza Gibbons

Join TV host and caregiver advocate Leeza Gibbons and learn all about Philips Lifeline, its employees, its customers, and everything it takes to offer you the #1 medical alert system.  Play video.

Don't Be Stubborn About Being Safe

Many men – and a lot of women, too – are reluctant to wear a medical alert device. Leeza Gibbons’ father finally gave in to his children’s request, and he is so glad he did. Play video.

Reliable Help, When You Need It

Not everyone gets a second chance at life, and even fewer people get a chance to meet the person who helped. Watch when Leeza Gibbons and her father sit down with the Philips Lifeline Response Associate who answered the call when he was having a heart attack. Play video.

Medical Alert System Buying Guide

Which medical alert device will best meet your loved one's needs and give you peace of mind? Try this trusted advice to decide on the best solution for your family. Play video.

Talking to Your Parents About a Medical Alert Device

Watching your parents get older is hard, and you worry. This video will guide you in how to have a great conversation with your parents about the benefits of a medical alert device.  Play video.

"I'm Not Alone...Because I Do Have Lifeline" - Beverly

Philips Lifeline medical alert system subscriber Beverly has peace of mind and feels supported with her Lifeline button. Find out why she feels she's not alone even when she is home alone. Play video.

Customers and Caregivers Share Their Philips Lifeline Experiences

Hear directly from Philips Lifeline subsribers and their caregivers on how the Philips Lifeline medical alert system gives them a sense of security and and has helped when they needed it. Play video.

"Lifeline Is a Tremendous Security" - Marcia

Philips Lifeline medical alert system subscriber Marcia is proud of her age and independence. Her Philips Lifeline medical alert system gives her and her loved ones tremendous security. Play video.