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I Did the Research and I Choose Philips Lifeline

Video Transcript

Leeza Gibbons: Emergencies happen, accidents happen — we worried about everything with Daddy living here by himself.

I was trained as a reporter, so I always do my research on everything.  And I took the time to really research this category — to really look at which brands are the best, what are the ratings, what do consumers say — before I made a decision.

You want a name you can trust, and that’s why I went with Phillips.  I mean, look at how long they’ve been around. Forty years. They invented this category. They created the emergency medical response system.  Come on, 7 million customers.  And it started as the innovator.  It is still the best.

This is your safety.  You know, this is a security for your loved one.  There is no price that’s too high to pay for that and that kind of peace of mind. And it just makes us feel great to know that whatever he needs, whenever he needs it, wherever he goes, he’s got his Phillips Lifeline and help is just a button away.

They are the best in my opinion.


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