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Leeza’s Caregiver Tip: Gift Your Parent a Medical Alert Device

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Leeza Gibbons. I’d like to share a caregiver tip for Philips Lifeline.

Maybe your loved one isn’t getting around like they used to, or maybe you can’t be there as much as you’d like. Or, like in the case of my father, maybe they’ve just been diagnosed with a health condition. Whatever the reason, I feel like you would feel better as a caregiver if they wore a medical alert device – just in case something happens and you’re not there. Well, there’s a good chance the person you want to protect might be a little resistant. My Dad was. Let me give you some tips of what worked for me.

First make it about you and not them. Tell your parent this is something that you need to have peace of mind. It’s true, you do. No parent wants to cause distress for their child, right?

Second, do what me and my siblings did. We gave my father his Philips Lifeline as a gift. He couldn’t say no. It was a thoughtful present we gave him. How could he be upset with that? I mean how could he not use it? And you know what? We are so glad that we did give it to him, because Philips Lifeline helped to save his life when he had a heart attack a few years later.

I know it’s not easy caring for a loved one. You need to make sure you get all the help you can.

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