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Leeza’s Caregiver Tip: Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Leeza Gibbons. I’d like to share a caregiver tip for Philips Lifeline.

For family caregivers, feeling overwhelmed can become the norm. You’re caring for your loved one while taking care of your own family. You’ve got work and all the rest. I was often overwhelmed when I was caring for my mom. So I’m going to tell you what works for me, and see if this might be helpful along your journey.

First, try to break everything down into smaller sections if you can. If you look at the totality of what’s in front of you, yeah, you’re going to get overwhelmed. So these are my bite-sized chunks. I look at what I have to do right now, maybe a week from now and then maybe a month or so out. But I always try not to go out much further than that, because then I would just feel like whoosh, here’s the tsunami and I’d be underwater. So consider yourself your own care coach. Who’s on your team? Who can you recruit? Who can you bring in to help you? Because you do not want to do this alone. Now it may not be the usual suspects either. Maybe it’s not your immediate family.

Look for people who have patience, for people who really know you. Look for people around with whom you can be completely honest, because you need to get comfortable asking for what you need and then figure out how you can receive the help that they can offer you. So be the coach. Put your team together.

And you need to accept that you can’t make this perfect. It’s just not going to happen that way. Every day is not going to be a great day. You’re going to fail. You’re going to mess up. That’s just part of the journey. So decide now that you’re going to forgive yourself and move on as quickly as you can. What did Scarlet O’Hara say? Tomorrow’s another day? You get to start all over again with your best intentions.

And remember you’re not alone.

For more caregiver advice and resources, I hope you’ll visit PhilipsLifeline.com.

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