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Video Transcript

Leeza Gibbons: Hi, I’m Leeza Gibbons and this is a true personal story.

Carlos Gibbons: I knew I was having a heart attack when I walked out of the bathroom and I felt like a Mack truck had run over my chest, and I fell to the floor and I was in excruciating pain. It was amazing to me how soon the emergency vehicles got here. It was less than 5 minutes and only because I had Philips Lifeline.

Leeza Gibbons: The night you had your heart attack and Donnis, you called for help, there was of course a Lifeline response operator who took that call. And I would like for you to meet her. 

This is the woman who has allowed us to have more years with you. This is Andrea. That’s my Dad, and that’s Donnis.

Andrea Boisvert: Hello. It’s so nice to meet you. 

Donnis Broome: Hi, hi, nice meeting you.

Andrea: Hi Carlos.

Carlos: Hey.

Andrea: How are you? You look great.

Leeza: Were you concerned about my Dad’s condition?

Andrea: Absolutely. I remember the call very vividly, and I knew that I had to get help sent right away.

You know, I take about 30 calls an hour. And I like to work the night, because that’s when there are the most incidents and I get to help the most people. They make sure that we are taking protocol very seriously and following protocol according to our book. And we go through a vigorous three weeks of training until they make sure that we are ready to go. 

Leeza: And whenever anybody calls there’s a person like this taking the call which makes me feel great. I’m so happy to, to learn about your training. Because you know you did a great job, and we feel like we got a, a real miracle with Daddy and we’re grateful for everybody that touched this situation.

Andrea: It is wonderful to see a good outcome and to see that you’re doing well and enjoy the Lifeline, because I really am passionate about what I do and I know I can speak on behalf of my coworkers as well. We really do love what we do and we’re passionate about it.

It’s different making a connection on the phone than it is in person and really seeing you and the impact I made on you and your family. You know, it’s not just about our customers. It’s about the family and the reassurance around them as well. 

Leeza: It takes a special person to do what you do. 

Donnis: And to stay so calm because I knew I was panicking.

Andrea: It’s so reassuring to know that you know the job that I do every day, the job that my, my colleagues do every day, it makes a difference in people’s lives and you don’t always get to see that.

Carlos: You actually saved my life. Really. 

Leeza: Would you please share with your colleagues, the other response operators how grateful we are for the work that they do and how impressed and inspired we are by the training and their dedication from a very happy family member who feels so much better, we just send big hugs.

Andrea: We all appreciate that. And you know, we all share stories about how sometimes our customers will just press the button to say thank you. And it really means so much to us, because we don’t hear it all the time. And you know, it’s just great. It touches our hearts. 

Leeza: You’re our angel. 

Andrea: Thank you. 

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