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HomeSafe FAQs

Find fast answers to general questions about the HomeSafe medical alert system. For setup instructions and troubleshooting visit HomeSafe technical support and for questions about your invoice or payments, visit Billing support

How much does a Lifeline medical alert system cost?

HomeSafe Standard, our most basic Lifeline service, starts at just $29.95 per month. For service that includes AutoAlert fall detection technology, HomeSafe with AutoAlert starts at $44.95 and GoSafe starts at $54.95. Your total cost will depend on any additional services you might require.

How is HomeSafe set up in the home?

If you select professional installation service, a Lifeline home service representative will schedule an appointment with you to install your in-home Communicator, test your Help Button and answer any questions you may have. The visit usually takes less than an hour.

You can also set up your HomeSafe system yourself if you prefer. Our easy-to-follow instruction packet and dedicated telephone support representatives will provide any assistance you need.

What if I move?

You can set up the in-home Communicator in your new space yourself or have our professional installation service take care of it for you. Just make sure you let us know a few weeks prior to your move so we can update your profile and make sure your Lifeline service is transferred. 

How will I learn to use the Lifeline system?

HomeSafe is designed to be easy to use. If you choose professional installation, the installer will carefully explain the medical alert system so everyone understands how it works. You may also refer to the User Manual.

If you need help later, simply press your HomeSafe Help Button. It will connect you to a Response Associate who can answer any question you have—even if it’s not an emergency.

What happens if I push my medical alert button and can’t get to the phone?

Your HomeSafe Communicator contains a highly sensitive speaker and microphone to make sure you and the Response Associate can hear each other even if you’re not near the Communicator. But if you can’t hear it or answer the call, we’ll immediately follow up according to the instructions in your profile. 

How far away from the Communicator will the Lifeline Help Button work?

Typically you can be in another room or on a different floor of your home. We’ll instruct you how to test your Help Button’s range to see if it works outside on your porch, in your garden, or elsewhere around your home.

How can I be sure my HomeSafe system is working?

We encourage you to press your Help Button once a month to ensure that the Lifeline system is working properly.