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Whether you’re installing it for the first time or simply moving it across the room, setting up your Lifeline medical alert system is fast and easy.

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How to Connect HomeSafe

Find your connection service below to see illustrated connection diagrams, photos and an instructional video.

Standard phone service

To connect your Communicator through your home phone line, all you need is a power outlet and a phone jack. If you want to keep a phone connected too, it’s easy to do but not required.  

Landline Communicator Quick Setup Guide m 6900 (pdf)

Wireless service

The Lifeline wireless communicator, powered by AT&T is easy to set up. All you do is plug your Communicator’s power cord into a wall outlet, and your system’s ready to go.

Wireless communicatior quick setup guide m 7000c (pdf)

AutoAlert fall detection

Our AutoAlert fall detection, which comes with HomeSafe with AutoAlert, uses a specific help button. This guide includes information on use and maintenance.

AutoAlertHelp Button guide (pdf)

Troubleshooting tools

If you’re experiencing a technical issue with your Lifeline medical alert system, the information here can help you identify the problem and find a solution.;

Select an issue

Why does my unit have poor voice quality?

My Lifeline is connected, but is not working.

Why is my Communicator not receiving power?

What do the Communicator’s lights and reset message indicate?

How to conduct a range test with your Lifeline Personal Help Button

Programming your replacement Lifeline Personal Help Button

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question about your Lifeline medical alert system, you’ll likely find the answer here. The following FAQs address a variety of common questions from Lifeline customers.

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