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Changing Medications Already Loaded

How to Change Medications Already Loaded

  1. Unlock the door to the unit and open the door.
  2. Press the LOAD key
  3. On the screen you will see the options to LOAD or REVIEW. Press the arrow key on the keypad until REVIEW flashes and press OK.
 The cylinders will begin to rotate. When the dispenser stops moving, the cylinder in front of you will contain 
the cups to be dispensed next. Confirmation will appear in the display window, showing the
number of cups and the day and date the cups are to be dispensed.
  4. NOTE: If you see more cups than expected it means that more than 10 days of cups have been loaded and those cups have been loaded on top of the first layer of cups.

  5. Lift the cups out of the cylinder.
  6. IMPORTANT: It is important to keep the cups in the same order that you remove them, to ensure that they get reloaded in the same order. You may find it helpful to remove cups and keep them in the same order that you remove them, to simplify the reloading process. Some people find it helpful to unload the cups back into
the Philips Medication Dispenser Loading Tray that was provided with the dispenser.

  7. Add or remove medications as needed, then place the cups back in the cylinder in the same order you removed them.
  8. Press OK to continue on to the next cylinder.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for the remaining cylinders, until all changes have been made.
  10. When you have completed making your changes, press the arrow key until QUIT is flashing then press OK.